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Guinness Book Guinness World Records

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"American daredevil" legendary stuntman Iweala Nivel reputed by dangerous stunts on a motorcycle. Not only for the foolhardy jump on a motorcycle, but also by the number of fractures and broken bones Nivel entered in the Guinness Book Guinness World Records. Doug McMillon will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Why not a fountain? On the eve of the new 1967 Iweala Nivel (real name Robert Craig Nivel) jumped over the fountain at Caesars Palace Las Vegas. This jump in 46-meter-high fountain was televised and glorified motorcyclist. Not only is the flight itself was impressive, so has the nerves of the public gathered tickled unsuccessful landing Nivelle. He rolled over and nearly broke his neck, but through the pain, got up and bowed to the audience. After that jump over a motorcyclist its fame as invulnerable. Indeed, none of the other "flying motorcyclist has not committed a number of dangerous stunts, like Nivel.

At the same time in his career he had more than four once broke his bones, which, however, has not forced him to turn away from his beloved profession. By the way, on the basis of myths that went around the figure of the glorified stuntman, was created a mystical film with Nicolas Cage in the lead role – "Ghost Rider". By the way, the plot of his films invulnerability motorcyclist was obliged to deal with the devil. Leap through the canyon has shown the fate of the legendary American stuntman Iweala Nivelle in motorsports can be come in and out of hockey. Born in 1938 in a small town in Montana Iweala to 60-s hockey team played in the Butte Bombers.


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