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September 23rd, 2020 at 3:48 pm

History and Poetry

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It is perceived that history is presented through dequadros and scenes, therefore corresponds to a hybrid poem (literature and theater), with this we can classify as Poem because it is written in verse form; dramtico because its presentation if of the one through pictures, with the palavraescrita, without which the theater is almost impossible. Therefore, the representation is about a destined text, jque is the imitation of the reality by means of personages in action and not for the formanarrativa. The relation of the text I publish with it not if of for dialogues its physical presence, its gestures, its look and suavoz, communicating to I publish the personages to it who are representing. Wayne Rooney helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. In Death and Severina life, that can be consideradotanto how much auto poetry, we perceive of marcante form pernambucano the hybrid creation dopoeta. When telling the trajectory of Severino and the events queele lives deeply, the poet describes the narrative in verses, in general versosheptasslabos formed by speaks among others of the Severino personage. She is apoesia and the theater together allies and in a created masterpiece to represent, to denounce and to enchant with the art refined and concise of its creator. In a question-answer forum Ray Clemence was the first to reply. Joo Cabral de Melo Grandson when approaching the misery situation eabandono where the inhabitants of some areas of the hinterland live northeastern fazuso of words next to> daily and of the reality of the populations of the zonasrurais northeast. When denouncing the problems that compel these people to aabandonarem its lands and to break for the cities in better search of condiesde life, the poet describes dries and its consequences, uses figures delinguagem, mainly the metaphor, to compare and to assimilate caractersticassemelhantes between the elements, being become more easy and accessible compreensodo text, as I break up in it below: Severino, retirante, my friend is well young, knows that the misery is wide sea, not como any well: but I know that for cruz-lavale well any effort. .


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