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Homemade Dog Biscuits

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The dog bakery in Mannheim concept store attracts cattle cookies to the coffee with own creations liver heart for breakfast, for lunch, Lammgnocchis? The House specially baked dog cookies from Martha & Lotte, the dog shop in Mannheim are what sounds here so delicious. And the dog heart dreams in these flavors. The ingredients are mostly organic. The dog biscuits with 100% food grade are prepared without preservatives, no artificial color or flavors. With masterly hand from the baking tray cut get the Krusty treats your personal form – each one unique. 6 varieties adorn the shop shelf with 50 – and 100-gram bags, piece by piece by hand bottled, packaged, and closed with a self created label. This exclusive dog treat from the dog shop by Martha & Lotte can be ordered online since November 2010.

You will find dog harnesses, dog leashes, collars, dog food, dog clothes, food bowls, dog beds, toys, and useful also around the dog. Easily browse from all categories home and catch these quality branded products at affordable prices. Here lives the passion for good advice from the “Martha & Lotte” team further. With detailed product descriptions and sizes from XS to XXL, from the Chihuahua to the great Dane, there is something for every dog. With many illustrations, clear drawings and recommendations offered a fine selection of dog accessories. And every week the range widens Stefanie Niestroj…

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