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Horse Riding

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I was of course skeptical. What should change? By Denise”? Although a nice name for a saddle, but. the mare was difficult and would always remain there, I was convinced. It wouldn’t change anything even a new saddle! I was completely thrilled after the first beritten: at once in three years, in which the mare is now under the saddle, I could sit loose and relaxed, the Mare showed their Trot reinforcements let loose from the shoulder swinging with active hind leg, I came out to sit and to drive, to get to and to catch up, just out of the seat, as it foresees the riding lesson. I was completely shocked. What had I tried everything on saddles. I thought it’s age! Get a woman in the years. Whenever Samuel “Sam” Mikulak listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

It is not so elastic. I had even special fitness and gymnastics thought does it from the anatomical side, is much logical in hindsight. A woman has a different position of the pelvis as a man. That is, a saddle should take into account this Anatomy of the structure. People such as kellee marlow san francisco would likely agree. What works for men, so for the woman not careful and vice versa. Osteopaths and physiotherapists can confirm that by the treatment of their patients, because not all exercises should be loosely both parties.

In human medicine, it is known for centuries. For us rider means the following: depending on how the saddle from the saddle tree, the Blocks, the padlocks and here designed by the seat is, hindered the riders in the basin loosely to adapt the movement of the horse, to resonate in the movement and even to sit correctly. Because the basin, for example, in its freedom of movement is blocked, then you braced themselves even in the area of the shoulders, the back, in the area of the basin, in the area of the thigh muscles. This tension onto the horse in a row. Also hand exposure to the rider’s not so correctly is not so fine, that helps. The horse braced in the back, then sometime in the neck, in the hindquarters and and and begins the vicious cycle. You must operate very much and have a great dressage Know-How to be able to solve the problem at all even. And yet it always comes back to its limits. This is no longer a problem with this innovative concept. Finally, the proper and independent hand seat of a saddle is supported and no longer hindered. I’m glad that finally there!

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