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How To Pick Up A Stone-gem

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Precious, semi-precious and precious stones – an amazing miracle that gave man nature. Gem – one of the first ornaments, which have tried on people. For more than one millennium ornaments made of stone appreciated throughout the world. What would an ancient civilization we take – anywhere from the stones were made necklaces, earrings, pendants. In medieval jewels adorned the crown and rings. Often, loose stones glittered in the rich robes. What now? As before, the stone is valued by mankind.

In the jewelry store offers great stones, a spark which costs hundreds and even thousands of dollars: diamonds, sapphires, emeralds. Matt gleaming pearls: classic white, soft pink, noble black. But along with these "kings of rock 'jewelry and other gems decorate: aquamarine and turquoise, topaz and beryl, carnelian and amethyst. Marc Lore oftentimes addresses this issue. Take a closer look better to these minerals: it may be, among them you will find your stone? Onyx and amber, agate and serpentine, rock crystal and cat's eye, moonstone and beryl, spinel, and obsidian, malachite and garnet! Is not it true – run away eyes, and difficult to choose? What kind of stone prefer, how to pick the gem from the heart, by heart? One option – trust the zodiac. The influence of stars on human destiny has long been known. Modern scholars do not deny effects of magnetic storms or solar flares on human health – but has not yet been able to decipher the influence of planets and stars on human destiny. But if a person affected by the sun if the moon affects the most important women's cycles – why should we be skeptical of the influence of stars and planets? This is also the heavenly bodies, their physical impact is very significant. For centuries, people were watching the stars and the fates of people and to identify patterns.

So appeared astrology, so came the Zodiac. Astrology observes the relationship is not only a man and the stars, but what surrounds man. essful. All nature is linked to celestial phenomena. For example, the moon, are subject to tides – none same will not deny it? Likewise, the relationship was established stars and stones, or rather – the impact of stones on the people born under this or any other sign of the zodiac. Now available to us for centuries audited tables, which indicate what minerals are best suited to a particular zodiac sign. For example, the Capricorn comes grenades, Aries – sapphire, Gemini – pearls and emerald. Selection of the gem on Zodiac sign – a common, but not the only principle choice of stone. Often, using all the same observations of antiquity, people choose minerals that help to cure a particular disease. For example, it is believed that chalcedony improves vision, and lapis lazuli helps with asthma, radiculitis. Children are encouraged to wear amulets made of malachite. Many people believe in the magical power of stones: turquoise that brings quarrels, and Coral protects from evil eye, carnelian protects against lightning. Finally, many people choose a stone based on the his character and temperament. Gems are able to reinforce one or another trait, or that a property of nature. Coil develops a cunning, emerald cure for melancholy, Onyx helps eloquence, raspberry tourmaline awakens in artists creative powers. Keep in mind – picking up a stone, it is important to choose the right frame for it! Some of the stones are well combined with gold, others – with silver. Be careful when choosing a stone: you choose your own not just a decoration, a friend, companion and protector.


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