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Hurghada Real Estate

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Any foreigner can buy property in Egypt at no more than two properties. Area of no more than 4 million square meters per individual. If you want to buy more, it is necessary record company. New investment laws of Egypt suit most potential buyers of apartments in Hurghada. Standard procedure for buying an apartment in Hurghada consists of three steps Step 1. Preliminary Selection apartments in Hurghada signing the preliminary contract of sale. At the same time pay the deposit (non-refundable deposit). After paying the down payment – Apartment removed from sale in the preliminary contract stipulates payment of the remainder of the term.

In the event If the customer has not bought an object – an apartment again put up for sale. If the client has changed his mind or delayed with payment – it loses the deposit. In the event that a customer pay the full cost of the apartment – signed a contract of sale, which will be certified by a notary in the court of the city of Hurghada. Step 2. Getting a resident visa of Egypt tourist visa issued in airport does instrannogo citizen capable. In order to participate in a transaction must obtain a resident visa of Egypt.

To obtain a resident visa, the following documents: – Passport – Photocopy of 2 pages of passport – 2 photos 3 to 4 or 4 to 5. These documents come to the passport office in Hurghada at the Ministry of Internal Affairs to 10-00. – Fill out the form on angliysom language – Pay fee of about $ 2 in 14-00 two-month resident visa will be ready. Step 3. Making the final stage, the client must decide who will be engaged in registration of the contract in court: – Personally – Lawyer (almost always happens that way) – Representative client. In most cases, registration agreement before the court deals with a lawyer recommended by @ Hurghada Real Estate 'Plaza' in the Chari-and-kari (local notary) perform two operations: – Registration of a contract of sale. Cost about $ 10-20. – The seller provides TAUKIL (general power of attorney) to the buyer. At this point the client – the owner of real estate. By the laws of the Arab Republic of Egypt this recording enough. Taukil allows client to make the apartment or the object of any transaction: sell, donate or register ownership. Foreign citizens often are asked to register a contract of sale of an apartment in an additional Court city of Hurghada. With this voluntary procedure related costs dpolnitelnye: State tax – on items with a total area of 100 square meters. m – 1,000 Egyptian pounds – from 100 square meters. m to 200 square meters. m – 2000 Egyptian pounds. On admission application to the court for registration of case review to four months. Information goes to Cairo in a special department for the registration of real estate transactions for foreigners. Local office of state. Security checks customer data to belong to terrorist organizations and illegal. On the appointed day is the case in court. If all documents are compliant – the contract is recorded in court. It is also possible to put an apartment in Hurghada (object) registered at Companies House. Companies House in an apartment is assigned a unique number. However, the apartment can be sold within five years. Trust the professionals @ Hurghada Real Estate 'Plaza'

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