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August 15th, 2018 at 7:56 pm

Ice Palace Channel

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The entire second half of next week will be held at the Channel under the sign of a great hockey! On the ice, the Ice Palace in Moscow at the Ice Palace, 'Megasport' that , awards will be played December stages "Euro Hockey Tour 2007/2008" – the tournament, which for the second year is called the First Channel Cup. As you know, start-up phase of the "Euro Hockey Tour" is a Russian team in the standings, first place and for the Cup First came the rank of the channel leader. Last year, the Russian team won the First Channel Cup, and now is determined to save the host the trophy. Cup Channel One – always a special tournament. Historically, it has received status of a "small world championship, but in recent years is part of Euro Hockey Tour. This will be a long-awaited meeting of our hockey fans with his national team in its rivalry with the strongest teams world. Because we all look forward to this New Year holiday in Moscow ice, which is doubly nice to show a beautiful, real football, with the support of our fans, especially as they gain a reputation most exacting ", – said Vyacheslav Bykov, head coach of Russia on hockey. Channel One Cup – one of the most prestigious hockey tournaments in the world, who inherited more than 40-year-old glory of the famous "Prize" ".

Current tournament – one of the most important stages of testing strength on the eve of the World Cup. That's why, and Vyacheslav Bykov, and mentors other three teams will exhibit the strongest compositions. So that the fans – and those who fill the stands Ice Palace of Sports Megasport, and those who will survive sitting by the tv screens – will see Moscow's elite of European hockey. There is no doubt: the ice will be hot! Rostrum of the Ice Palace Sports Megasport always filled to failure, the tickets are in great demand, therefore, not surprising that they are hard to buy for a few days before the competition of the First Channel Cup. But do not despair, in Moscow, tickets to hockey can be purchased at the ticket agencies, the truth is very careful approach to the selection of tickets (the best that it has already been proven), because the ticket market is a significant number of counterfeit tickets.


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