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September 6th, 2020 at 3:56 pm

In Peru

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Acute poisoning occurs mainly by adulteration liquor. Methanol oral lethal dose varies between 60 and 200 ml. Toxicity is due to the metabolism of methyl alcohol which turns into formic acid and formaldehyde, with the property of precipitate the proteins in the nerve pathways causing irreparable damage. It is known the specific injurious effect that has this substance on the ganglion cells of the retina and the optic nerve, generating total blindness, often irreversible. The formic acid produced severe metabolic acidosis.

People who are victim in Peru of this deadly drink, they were people looking to drink liquor cheap, economical, love drunk, but they don’t like to pay. Cheap, they went expensive. In Peru and other countries there are people looking for that: the cheaper as possible and in their attempt to end up being swindled, with very serious consequences as those we see in the case of seven people that by drinking cheap liquor, they ended up dead. The eye journal, reported as well: four people identified as Luis Huaranca Huamani (62), Julio Salazar Rojas, Sebastian Lopez Levano and Victor Ponce Meza apparently died by consuming liquor known as Yonque, which would be made with methyl alcohol on different days. Before continuous victim information, Divincri Bellavista carried out an operation in the different bars located in the Carmen de la Legua in Callao area, in order to confiscate the deadly drink that is offered by a value from two to 4 soles.

The Popular reported thus: cursed toast. A dangerous liquor made with methyl alcohol, resulted in the death of four people and left in a State of brain death to another, the last weekend in the District of Carmen de La Legua, Callao. There are Phishing in all areas: educational services, cars of occasion, cashmere for Knights, sneakers, etc. Let’s see what it teaches us Mundoinsolito magazine Blog.

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