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India Climate

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United States has not signed the Kyoto Protocol despite the fact that it emits a quarter of the carbon dioxide in the planet. But a new agreed roadmap in Bali brings hope on a pact that would involve United States and major economies in development, such as China and India. Greenhouse gas emissions due to deforestation and the degradation of the soil, which reduces green surfaces absorb much of the greenhouse gases responsible are also taken into consideration. The last scenario for climate discussion was Bangkok, where they started a series of meetings that will end in 2009 with the approval of a new international agreement for reducing emissions that will replace the current. Until a few years ago, only environmentalists and some scientists were aware of the reality of climate change, but the group chaired by the former US Vice President Al Gore has become fashionable subject of change climate, with the risk of becoming a fad with expiration date. The bombardment of alarming information about the future that awaits us leaves no room to solutions or changes that are needed. The fourth report of the Intergovernmental Panel of climate change (IPCC) indicates that the emission of greenhouse gases can be controlled with existing technologies and reducing the burning of fossil fuels.

Even the reconstruction of the seabed after the shedding of ice blocks will complete in a few decades, when it was expected that the process will last hundreds of years. Global warming is the product of the model of current growth and not in itself the culprit of all. Its consequences are serious, but before the planet to burn completely, we turn off the fire and begin its reconstruction.


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