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May 15th, 2019 at 12:11 am

Indians In Orissa

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Do the State of Orissa is no matter of laughter, they say who has a friend have a treasure, and thus calls himself a web: friends of Orissa but there is a silence in most of the Western media, because they seem that they are most concerned? by bears than by human beings (Christian)? says a cardinal, although if we situate us in the India that bear sounds more to Chinese since the animals from India that comes to mind are: cows, elephants or Tigers as discussed violence against Christians spread and some fans go looting and desecrating churches (twenty), as well as numerous centres of Christian worship. But as he has said, that is not news, since the Orissa-tourism will take us to savour the well-known city of cathedrals 300 (Hindu temples), or the extensive ground where it grows rice, or the important bird reserve of Lake Chilka with over 150 species. Who remembers Gandhi? Which home through passive resistance and the civil disobedience against laws that discriminated against Hindus in South Africa. (Although it fails in the attempt). Who remembers Mahatma (great soul)? That he preached non-violence as a means to resist British rule in the India. They have, their moral force influenced on the development of the India independence, although the separation of Pakistan hurt.

This man who made that we take an image of India, as a country, peaceful and tolerant spiritually and who wrote a letter to a hindu as a response to Indian nationalists who supported violence and it seems that not served nor he himself, because they killed him; find me it curious, because they say he was inspired by an American who had written (years before) a pamphlet entitled civil disobedience and both one and another, were left with the desire to extend, the reason, pacifism and civil disobedience. And now nobody remembers of Confucius (another man, neither American, nor Indian, but Chinese), and the American quote on your pamphlet: If a State is governed by the principles of reason, are shameful thing poverty and misery; If a State is not governed by the principles of reason, are shameful thing the riches and honors. Thus, it is logical, now shame not carrying out and the reason is hidden in regard and civil disobedience when goods that lose are sure by cost too detached from those comforts. It will be for this reason, we do not want to think about what you said (Thoreau) American: I came not to this world above all make it a good place to live, but to live in it, whether it is a good place as if it is bad. A man does not have to do everything, but you must do something; and, as you can not do everything, it is not necessary to do something bad.

Where this peaceful and tolerant country?. Better silence! no comment, and follow not ashamed of the violence (this time against Christians in Orissa), lest another day we have it so the fence that will surprise us. But the funny thing is that we have it (the violence) just around the corner from our House and not we see it and the men who aspire to be honored are still looking with distrust civil disobedience.

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