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January 8th, 2019 at 12:33 am

Infantile Education

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Ahead of this one searched deepened endorsement more in the theories on the infantile development, directing object of the research for the use of the game and the trick as pedagogical resources capable to raise the performance of the child of 04 and 05 years in the process education learning in the school of Infantile Education. Necessity to approach subject in band etria of 04 and 05 years, gave in virtue of other necessity, that is to take the professor to the observance of the possibilities that exist in the child to take it beyond same it, therefore second in tells to the period of training daily pay-operatrio to them, the child has one strong trend to concentrate everything in itself. The game and the trick, gifts daily movement, are methodologies that assist in the development of the spontaneous learning of the child being able to take them beyond, in the production and reproduction of the knowledge and thus to advance in the performance of its abilities and abilities. Everything that exite in the movement is intrinsic part of the dimension human being, gift in daily since more tenra infancy. Knicks may not feel the same. The movement provides to play, to play, to create the sound, music, the dance and the propagation of the culture, among others factors that will little go to being desvelados ahead of the experiences and the experiences in the life. Great part of the professors is unaware of the benefits and the value of the movement for construction of the knowledge of the child and menosprezam these methodologies in classroom. The choice of the subject the game and the trick in the process of development of education learning of the children of 04 and 05 years in the Infantile Education has still the intention to identify what the intervention of the professor at the moment of the game and the spontaneous trick of the child, can cause when directing this learning of the more significant child for something (in the conception of the adult) without breaking the autonomy and the subjectivity of its intention and spontaneous interaction with the object. .


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