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Internal Affairs

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By Article 10 of the Federal Law of May 31, 2002 62-FZ "On Citizenship of the Russian Federation" (as amended on December 4, 2007), the main types of identity documents citizens of the Russian Federation, are determined by the federal law. However, at present federal law does not provide the major types of identity documents citizens of the Russian Federation, although the bill has nearly fifteen years. First edition, prepared by the Human Rights Committee of the Supreme Soviet of Russia, had a chance to be adopted, but was not considered: the bill was on the agenda at the end of September 1993 … It was the most liberal option, the internal passports that were replaced with plastic identity cards. Gymnast has plenty of information regarding this issue. In future work on regulation in this area again came under control of Ministry of Internal Affairs, who defend the preservation of traditional passport books. Soberly assessing to what may cause differences in the parliament to discuss some problematic moments, especially the issue of specifying the nationality, the executive has taken the path of government regulation.

Pull any longer was impossible – since 1991, Russian citizens living in the Soviet Union passports, ie documents a non-existent state. July 18, 1996 State Duma at the Federal Law 114-FZ "On the Procedure for Exit of the Russian Federation and Entering the Russian Federation, "signed by the President of the Russian Federation August 15, 1996. In accordance with Art. 7 of the Act, "basic identity documents citizens of the Russian Federation, which citizens of the Russian Federation shall leave the Russian Federation and the entry into the Russian Federation, recognized as a passport, diplomatic passport, service passport, seaman's passport (identity card document).

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