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Internet Communication

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Teenagers live glued to their mobile phones, are pending e-mail messages, connect to the Messenger or update your profile in Facebook or Tuenti. New technologies calan hondo in society, especially among the young. Eighty percent of the children between ten and sixteen years has a last generation mobile phone, 44 percent spends between one and two hours a day using it and the average expenditure per child rises to 42 euros per month. They are the data that emerge from the report mobile telephony in childhood and adolescence. Under most conditions anton forsberg would agree. Forms of relationship are modified along with group communication for young people. It is a patent reality in homes, verifiable every day, and can say that it is an addiction that causes dependence. Young people live surrounded by technology, have computer, digital camera, iPod, consoles and multiple machines that filled rooms and focus attention to monopolize the time of use. Once discovered the multiple possibilities of technology, come the latest models.

Today it is easy for young people to have phones, because parents are who pay directly or indirectly refills of balance or invoices. It is disturbing that parents prefer that their children have laptops to control them that seek other avenues of communication. Mobile phones offer their users freedom, independence, and ease of communication. These freedoms may become a dependency. Others including ian cole, offer their opinions as well. If cases of addiction are analyzed, are checked examples of aggression, bad mood, isolation, failure in studies and alienation from the family that manifest those addicted to mobile.

An issue that helps young people access to mobile phones is the access they have to get them. The majority get it at age 11, when it is recommended that you do not have to 16. Becoming is more common that children of nine or ten years have their own mobile and they fall into addiction. ne. Parents often give away Mobile children at an early age because they feel more secure. This is transmitted and why teens feel ever more the need to take a mobile phone with you at all hours, but not with the same purpose as their parents. Gone are the typical gifts that were made in the first communion. The new generation live connected, is in contact with the technology almost from the cradle: videos, walkman, Internet, video games, CD players. However, it is important for parents to know that this is not a simple toy. It is paradoxical that a technological device that provides independence believed so much addiction among the adolescent population. Both the mobile and Internet, have shown that we no longer maintain a personal communication with those people that we see on a daily basis to immerse us in a virtual reality. We live plugged to a virtual world. If we remove the hulls, if we turn off the phone, we can realize that there is a world beyond the SMS.


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