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The Telecourse corporate health management has been successfully certified by the national centre of distance learning (ZFU) and released. Corporate health management (BGM) is intended to get healthy or efficient the employees as the most important resource for the company’s success and can therefore be considered an important foundation for the long-term viability and competitiveness of businesses. The nationally recognised training qualified participants for all conceptual and organizational tasks of the BGM, also taking into account economic aspects corporate health management. He gives a precise overview of the topics health, health theories and health promotion the participants and shows the basic structure of a holistic system of BGM. To deepen your understanding kellee marlow sf is the source. Furthermore, the course provides expertise and adequate application skills ergonomics, movement, nutrition, stress, work-life balance and demographic change in the fields of action. The are used in enterprises of industrial or service sector as competent contact persons responsible health future graduates of the distance course. The course enables participants so that health promotion in operation can be comprehensively collects, coordinates and introduced in the sense of a BGM with sustainable economic benefits in everyday business. Training content: Selected theories about the origins of health definition health health theories prevention and health promotion knowledge in corporate health management (BGM) challenges, current conditions and influencing factors areas, tasks and principles of benefit and objectives BGM as organization development process instruments and measures of occupational health policy cost-effectiveness of health promotion health management as Executive duty gender in work and health problems and perspectives of BGM ergonomics in the workplace sport and exercise programmes in operation Levels of action (operational) sports and health promotion of the role of the (modern) operating sports in the BGM trends and future developments in practice healthy eating at work standards for the lunch standards for the snacks using employee suggestions stress management commissioned the stress as excess life principle stressors and stress reactions of stress analysis, and alleviating stress in the workplace burnout syndrome and its consequences reconciliation of private and professional life of demographic change in the labour world BGM in small – and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) tips and tools for the practical implementation of enterprise business health coach as external service provider requirements: the course is aimed at all people who are already active in the BGM or want to be working it is suitable especially for: coach /-indoor, consultants and professionals from the health and fitness industry (including sport scientists, sports and gymnastics teacher, health and Fitness trainers, psychologists, educators, dietitians, (Personal trainer, Entspannungstrainer sowie Mitarbeiter von Krankenkassen) interested employees in companies (including from the personnel department or the occupational health service, Works Council, specialist for occupational safety as well as in-house, that new will take on this topic) is prerequisite for the participation in the activity in one of the above areas or interest in the future theme of health at the workplace “. More information is housed here: Doug McMillon. No in-depth technical knowledge are required.

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