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Invasion Prevention

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As a rule, determine the total antibody titers for individual parasites. How to resist the invasion? Nonspecific and specific prevention and treatment – key tools of confrontation most affecting the human helminthiasis. Traditionally, the methods of non-specific prevention include careful personal hygiene, improving the environmental situation by improving the quality of cleaning and disinfection of wastewater, educational activities aimed at improving hygienic culture of all people, including physicians. Nonspecific prevention of the greatest shows people at risk, primarily to children and adults in contact with animals and sick people. Specific prophylaxis based on the preventive use among patients at-risk, anthelminthic drugs. They must possess not only strong activity against the widest possible spectrum of adult worms, their eggs, larvae and cysts, but also safe enough, especially with regard to the child's body in most affected by helminthiasis. Michael J. Bender shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

From this perspective, special attention should be given drugs from a group karbamatbenzimidazolov in the first place – albendazole. Albendazole has a high therapeutic activity against most enteric nematosis, including dominant in Ukraine enterobiasis and ascariasis, as well as cestodosis, trematodozov and giardiasis 5. The spectrum anthelminthic activity of albendazole outperforms all other antiparasitic drugs. Albendazole causes 'double whammy' of helminths, disrupting the function of their mikrotubulyarnogo vehicle with damage to the protein tubulin and inhibiting glucose transport and fumaratreduktazy. The consequence of this is to stop the synthesis of atp in helminth suppression of cell division at metaphase, the oppression of oviposition and larval development. Albendazole itself has a weak absolute absorption, thus maintaining the intestinal lumen disastrous for helminth concentration.

Soaked part of the drug in contact with the internal environment of the human body is transformed into sulfodoksid albendazole, which reaches the plasma and tissues of high concentrations, providing a significant effect of anthelminthic drug. The process of absorption of albendazole lasts about 9 hours, whereas the retention time in the body – more than 17.3 hours. The drug is metabolized by the liver and bile output, and therefore effective in respect of helminth parasites in the liver and biliary tract. Thanks to the convenient registration forms (chewable tablets of 400 mg and suspension, 5 ml of which contain 200 mg) and high security albendazole can be used for prevention and treatment of helminthiasis in the most frequent episodes of contingent – the children – already two years old. Pronounced anthelminthic effects of albendazole can even use the regimen with a single 400 mg of the drug and the repetition rate in 2-3 weeks. Depending on the type of helminthiasis treatment may last for 10-15 days. From prevention to albendazole advised to take 2 times a year for all family members of 400 mg (1 tablet or 10 ml suspension) 1 time per day for 3 days. Modern powerful anthelminthic agent albendazole can not prevent and, if necessary – to clean our bodies of worms.


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