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Japanese Baths

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This type of bath is transferred much more easily than a Russian steam bath or sauna, and a beneficial effect on skin. But at the same time in the Roman steam customers can propose and aromatherapy. Business which hovers: increasing popularity begins to enjoy the bathing culture of different peoples of the world. Know the sense in Japanese, Turkish bath or Roman traditions – it is fashionable. In addition to the bath can be arranged hydrochloric room. This room is a small room (up to 10 square meters. M), walls, ceiling and floor is covered with natural salt blocks or tiles.

The air here is filled with particles of sea salt, which makes it look like mountain. It is believed that the salt room – a very useful medical procedure. Among other things, today, many customers are attracted by what is called the spa. spa – any hydrotherapy: water massage, swimming pool with artificial Over and jacuzzi. As a rule, the spa – a small whirlpool, stuffed with various “burlilkami” that holds up to ten people. There are very rare variants baths, such as Japanese. Such institutions only a few in Moscow and one in St. Petersburg.

Japanese bath involves several procedures: first, the barrels of hot herbal infusions, and cold water, then – sawdust bath (immersion in the sawdust, heated to 45 C), and then – massage in marine rocks. – The idea to open a Japanese bathhouse “Yasuragi” came to us in connection with the fashion for sushi and Japanese culture as a whole – recognizes Alexander Prosvirnin. – We decided to draw visitors exotic. The more so because this was not there. In addition, conducted a serious analysis of the market. Japanese bath – is in itself a very useful and original procedure, she has many fans among our customers. So prospects of our complex – the most optimistic.


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