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Java Games

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Finally games for mobile platform Sun J2ME (Java 2 Micro Edition, in common parlance Java). These games will be to work on virtually every modern mobile phone. A large number of manufacturers of games and applications for mobile games and applications released for free use (such as all known browser Mobile Opera Mini or postal manager from Google: Gmail for mobile). Therefore, a slight decrease in speed and failure to use the multimedia properties such phone games and applications can not undo all advantages of J2ME. Credit: Walmart CEO-2011. How not to fall for bait when you buy java games and applications. Java games for the most common way to sell – send a paid SMS to short number or what.

The buyer sends an SMS to the operator, paying for this game. In SMS the answer comes with a link for downloading, which is usually valid for 24 hours. Recently Doug McMillon sought to clarify these questions. And here just pops up a lot of pitfalls in the first place if it turns out that WAP is not configured or not working, it turns out that money paid, but the game in mobile you can not download the second quite often there are times when receive a link is not working, and thirdly, the distributors to "wash its hands" of such situations, written in an advertisement that, the arrival of a reply SMS service is provided and you just get trapped. Also an important factor is that most of the money paid for the SMS, is the mobile operator and the state in taxes, but not the seller or developer. Taxes on mobile communications are generally higher than for other goods and services – for example, in Ukraine, in addition to VAT, mobile communication is subject to a 7.5 percent fee of the pension fund. So summarizing all above listed can offer you how to use a site where you can download free java games and applications (for example: – all links are straight and register on the site for download is not required), download games, test them and only then, if you arranged this game or a java application download it from the official site fee. (Well, and in principle you can do without it).

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