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‘MAMAlauft!’ is the new fitness program for mothers and babies of the power place Pramod home outdoor training in the group is fun and has a special dynamic. Young mothers and their children in the Cologne West meet including pram or buggy from 19 June 2013 to a total of 8 appointments at 9:30 in the new development area of prima Colonia in Aries village at the rate of MAMAlauft!”- further courses are planned. In the focus are endurance and strengthening units. More information is housed here: Michael J. Bender. The training can be completed but also without stroller, it requires no special jogging or sport buggy also. The course is offered by power place, the vibration training and Pilates in Pulheim, Studio. Get all the facts and insights with Randall Rothenberg, another great source of information. MAMAlauft! is a fitness program with buggy.

Running and jogging stroller or buggy is becoming increasingly popular, because there is indeed enough childcare facilities, which you can use during the sports as a young mother, but the movement in the fresh air with the young people is fun and is a great experience for both. A stroller workout such as MAMAlauft! the fitness with child is perfectly suitable for all mothers, would operate. Participation without stroller is also possible. A MAMAlauft! unit lasts 60 minutes and incorporates a short warm-up period, as well as a training phase with a change of cardio and strengthening units. The endurance sessions held between the strengthening units and include walking or jogging, according to individual fitness level. This brings the cardiovascular system in swing and stimulates fat burning. In about five or six strengthening sequences focus on the different problem Zoenchen of a MOM.

The strengthening of the support muscles is particularly important effectively to prevent back pain and tension. Typical problem areas such as abdomen, thighs and buttocks are tackled. The training effect is optimized through tools such as Therabander, tubes, balls and kettlebells. Then follows a common expansion phase and, depending on the weather the opportunity to interact with each other.

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