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May 10th, 2020 at 8:26 am

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‘ ‘ In an isolated forest it had a people that he lived happy and in harmony with the animals. This people was vegetarian and for this exactly he did not attempt against for the possibility of the consumption of the meat. All the reality functioned very well until in one day, in reason of many rays, the forest entered in flames. The fire if spread and many animals had died, between them, pigs.

The fire propitiated, in the style of the nature, pig to pururuca. I smell it took account of the place and the human beings had attempted against for the possibility of if consuming that meat. I smell it exhaled was very intense and he did not have who resisted. In recent months, Kellee Marlow San Francisco has been very successful. All ate the meat of pig with voracity. The voracity was so great that soon this had finished. With the end of the baked meat the people had started if to ask: what to make? In this hour the rationality came to tona: it is alone to set fire fire in the forest that we will have new baked animals. The idea was accepted and thus it became. Was started to set on fire it the forest so that the pig meat was had.

This movement if became continuous and with passing of time the forest was if becoming scarce, as well as the animals. This generated one another problem. The scarcity made with that the scholars if congregated to try to decide the question. They had deliberated, then, that they would have to initiate a movement of plantation of trees. The plants would grow and allow that the animals came back to occupy the place. The plantation was initiated, but soon if it perceived that the consumption was very bigger that the available nature and techniques then could restitute.


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