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May 13th, 2020 at 12:56 pm

Jugglers In Shape

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For priests were parishioners. They are also connected, but freely, without any theatrics. Behind them, in fact, and started a carnival. People in costume singing and dancing on the move. Jugglers and manipulated the balls rings. Tumbling acrobats and gymnasts. Michael J. Bender gathered all the information. Above the crowd waved flags and colorful balloons. Unfolding his chair and resting his elbows on the railing, Heron photographed most passing points vending procession.

Everything was as usual, no surprises. Rehearsed and played in the best tradition. His attention was distracted by the faint sound of a car door closed down. Glancing left, he saw a man in a dark suit, rather similar to the uniforms, which closed the back door, heading to the driving position. 'We will take the masks and the machines again fill ulitsy' thought-Heron.

He was about to leave, when suddenly he saw a man in a long coat with a hood. The stranger was almost sideways, bending your elbows and thrusting his hands, gradually approaching the far side of the street was a Hero. Under the hood could see a man's face. His forehead was dragged yellow belt. 'I wonder – thought Hero – Who is this man wants to portray? " He made a couple of shots and began to rise. At the same time there was an explosion right crackers, and another and another. Unfolding his chair and drank wine Geron and lit it. Carnival went on to the center. There, where the main square will be one more idea. But it is better to watch on TV.

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