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August 9th, 2019 at 10:18 am

Julia Roberts

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It is very important to the education of the active and the passive, better speaking, the outward movement and inward movement. It is important that mothers teach their kids that there is some point to be outside, which is played, which is run and, given time of day it enters the house, which quiets the actions and lies. The boy who comes back from the park, making bathing, begins to quiet their actions in water, softens the bloodstream of the muscles, loosens, then you can play drawing, sell a movie or doing some craft. Now the activity tends to be internal and there is no action that prepares the body for relaxation. If we have kids from these references, it is easier to go looking, constantly managing our internal and external movements. This is the quality of the equinoxes: Learn to manage internal and external. The more we educate ourselves to the two movements, we will have better physical health, emotional, mental and spiritual.

The disease is synonymous with balance and the first major imbalance in the everyday experiences of life today is the relationship between internal and external. We must also bridge the psychological manifestation, accepting that even after the outside there is an inmate, and that has to be presented on experiences such as boredom or apathy. The procedure also can be very active and the big difference is that it is in-in from home or office and not outside. I have a cousin who loved the movie Susan Sarandon and Julia Roberts in the first (Susan) is sick, has a terminal illness and makes each one his sons in manual work: for the boy wizard’s coat, with all elements and brilliance of Magic, and the daughter, a teenager, makes a quilt with photos of birth, childhood, with photos depicting the story of his life. These are the works of Fall / Winter, but is not that we go to the movies, for us to be happy with what it did in the film and then return to our homes and we continue vices of our external activity and little creativity to domestic activity. Fall calls inner creativity to be complemented by sensitivity in the world. These two together bring great energy power, which accumulates throughout the winter for us in six months to redo the turn of direction and move to the Spring / Summer, with the maximum content. Sandra Lia Bonsaver Exoteriq.com – Virtual Institute esoteric Esoteric Internet Training


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