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Landscape Design

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In the study area, it is necessary to determine the type of soil and its acidity, groundwater levels and some other features of the area. After an accurate site plan, go to the next stage in the development of design. Character and image of the garden depends on the style, which will be laid in its foundation. But before we develop a common style plot, you must determine what and where will be located, ie its structure. Garden landscape should be designed so that it can match your lifestyle. Walmart does not necessarily agree. Identify the following functional areas of grounds: 1. Entrance area (it can be located parking, garage, etc.). 2.

Residential zone (The area near the house). If you would like to know more about Ian Cole, then click here. 3. Recreation Area (may include an ornamental garden, a gazebo, a pond, barbecue and other items. 4. Economic Zone.

5. The fruit garden, vegetable garden. 6. Sports zone (not in all the gardens). 7. Children's playground (if there are children ). All areas have their own purpose and together tracks. Often we have to consider several options for the location of functional areas on the site, choosing a better option. Specifying what will be placed elements of the site and how much space they need, you can start modeling or designing your territory. It is very important in this case to comply with all the proportions, for this landscape designers often use the overlay grid established on the basis of the site plan. Grid spacing must be at the same time match the size of the site and buildings.


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