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February 27th, 2023 at 4:56 am

Legal Tender In Venezuela

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It is assumed that provision has been made of this and that is the reason for the appearance, for use of coins of 1, 5, 10, 12.5, 25 and 50 cents may be used by users and consumers to pay the prices accurately, thus avoiding the possibility of rounding, also announced a series of formal conditions for carrying out this smoothing in case it is inevitable … No one living in Venezuela can overlook that since, a few years ago, again became legal tender coins that replaced low-denomination banknotes, the scarcity of these have been chronic, which has already made the order of the day rounding practice at all levels, and in no way is possible or logical to think that this shortage of loose change will not equal the simple will of the board of BCV and the minting of new coins, especially in the case of lowest denomination are undoubtedly those that have greater mobility. Rounding, whose main beneficiaries are the banks (please note) and some sectors of commerce and service providers, will result in price increases spontaneous, in the context of a “hard currency” will be felt more harshly at the pockets consumer. Finally, and somewhat anecdotal in plan, but no less disturbing: I’m sure I’m not the only one who has heard someone say how happy I will be when this conversion takes place because “Imagine all you will be able to buy “or” now if I will pay the salary “even, and this is strictly true:” The January 2 I run to buy my apartment “… Geno Smith is actively involved in the matter. in all likelihood also not be the only one who innocently trying to get these people of their error that should also remove the three zeros of their salaries, has been teased or bad answers and intemperate gestures and words such as “This crazy?, AEL commander can not we take that thing !”… Click Ian Cole for additional related pages. Eeeeh …

as if … The information campaign is urgent and necessary is not limited to the treaty bodies, much less exclusively to the official media, many people are thinking that this is a drastic price reduction, the product of a monumental revaluation of the currency, an idea reinforced by the tagline of the new sign: “Strong” … I hope, for the sake of all those who today are excited about these fantasies of orgiastic consumption, that the widespread and continuous dissemination of this clarifying information is needed for highly effective, if not, I hate to imagine what will happen on the 15th January when people receive their first “pay envelope” with a meager handful of “strong” but limited tickets … ‘.


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