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November 17th, 2013 at 4:11 am


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Eventually every person that seeks to grow and expand in the level of the form. It is when we strive to overcome a limitation as a physical weakness or an economic trouble, when we acquire new skills and knowledge, when we apply our creativity to bring something new to the world in order to improve life, both ours and others. It might be a piece of music or a work of art, a book, a service, a feature that we make, a company or organization to which we contribute or which are the creators. When we are present, when our attention is totally in the now, presence penetrates into what we do and transforms it. Print quality and power to our works.

We are present when what we do is not mainly a means to achieve a goal (money, prestige, profit), that is a source of accomplishment in itself, characterized by the joy and energy. And it is clear that we cannot be present if we’re not in friendly harmony with the present moment. Here is the base of the effective action without dye of negativity. The shape is limitation. We are here not only to experience the limitation but to grow in consciousness transcending limitation. Some limitations can be overcome in the external plane.

Others with whom we must learn to live and that can only be overcome internally will be. Everyone stumbles with them sooner or later. We can either stay trapped in such limitations because of the reactions of the ego, experiencing an intense unhappiness, or well elevate us above them internally, delivering to us unconditionally to what is. That is what we are taught. The conscious renunciation of State opens the vertical dimension of life, the dimension of depth. Then, something casts on the world from that dimension: something of infinite value which, otherwise, would have not manifested. Some people that are delivered before the severe limitation become healers or spiritual teachers. Others are working selflessly to mitigate human suffering or bring some gift of your He is Professor of mathematics and the persons accompanying him are his postgraduate students. He has a disease of motor neurons, which progressively paralyzes all parts of your body. They have given when more about five years. It must be the scariest thing that can happen to a human being. A few weeks later, leaving the building a day I came with him. I held the door so you went with your wheelchair electrically driven and at that time our eyes met. I was surprised to see how transparent that were his eyes. There were no traces of unhappiness in them. I realized immediately that had renounced to resist; He lived in a State of delivery. Several years later, buying a newspaper in a post of magazines, you surprised to see his photograph on the cover of an international news magazine very prestigious. He continued not only alive, but that he had become the most important theoretical physicist in the world: Stephen Hawking. A beautiful phrase that confirmed what I had in the article It had felt to look him in the eye many years ago. Commenting on his life said (now with the help of a speech synthesizer), who would have liked more?


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