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Loader Attachments

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The quality of the equipment less than quadrupeds manufacturers practically no lower, and the impact on the price difference, about 5% -15%. Attachments, which adds new function loader (different grips, for example) has a pretty high price – from 30% to 80% of the cost of the loader, but the production costs of such equipment is much lower, as the complexity of their designs. As mentioned earlier, attachments for mounting on plate loader can be divided into two types: integrated manufacturer and is not built – the manufacturer. The equipment is already installed on loader producer, involves changing the design of a carriage, or even just lifting mechanism. Such equipment can be moved to another loader. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with John Marlow San Francisco. But such equipment is more reliable, cheaper and leads to a smaller loss gruzopodemnosti truck. Therefore, many manufacturers offer models with a loader already installed additional equipment on a par with conventional models. Dimensions podvilochnoy plates are standard for each class loaders.

Therefore, the attachments can be fitted to the model of a class (by capacity) of different manufacturers. When you install the attachment, load the loader down. This conditioned by several factors: somo equipment has a certain weight, as well as the center of gravity of the truck moves. Thus, a loader lifting capacity of 1 ton, for example, with the installation of grip rolls loses capacity 200-250kg. Choice of attachments – the task is very responsible and difficult, as there is necessary to consider many factors other than the mass of goods. First, we must consider the type of goods or material: drums, rolls, containers in order to capture not damaged goods, because when excess pressure can capture the deformation load. Secondly, we must be clear dimensions of cargo transported, as well as features of the warehouse or site where work is taking place because when you install extra equipment can be reduced turning radius of the loader. And maybe even have a situation where the truck can not pass in a narrow place. Third, you need to decide is whether the attachments used constantly or once in a while. The final choice of equipment depends on the specific conditions of each place of work and the technique used. Therefore it is desirable to contact the seller of equipment to the fullest possible information about working conditions, to select the most effective attachment.


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