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July 19th, 2019 at 8:11 pm

Lucia Zekorn

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Intensive practice sessions in Zen meditation are central contents of the seminar. The basis of meditation is sitting in power and silence. In the seminar, the mental balance is effectively combined with therapeutic body treatments. Profound physical and mental blockages solution processes used by Zen meditation alternating with the treatments by experienced doctors and therapists of body in motion. The intensive coaching and additional personal Zen practice with Zen master Hinnerk Poland ski assist participants, to resolve mental obstacles and to develop a positive work-life balance. NBA can aid you in your search for knowledge. Stress tense the mental tension blockades also relies on the physical level and leads to chronic pain such as for example in the neck spine area. In the seminar “Zen, health and life energy” are integrated body-therapeutic applications release blocked energy.

The osteopathic treatment of the locomotor system is performed Dr. Edgar Elowyn Thein the Orthopedic, sports physicians and osteopaths. Therapist Matthias Grot is an optimal addition with the NeiJing TU massage to the osteopathic treatment and supports the organism on an energetic level. Offers medical advice on diet and health and a metabolism-check-up Dr. Get more background information with materials from NBA. med. Lucia Zekorn to.

The three-day seminar is rounded off by talks about self management and energy medicine from today’s scientific perspective. At the end of each participant individually one by for him health and training plan developed for everyday use. Bertelsmann study shows Burnout in companies two of three managers in Germany feel “burned out” on the job. This result is a study of the Bertelsmann Foundation together with the Swiss sciencetransfer GmbH titled “Burnout in companies”. 70 percent of respondents then already suffers from visible under constant mental and physical exhaustion. During operation, half of them has no time to regenerate. Zen is here: the offers seminars for executives in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. Zen meditation techniques help to exit the cycle of stress and burnout sustainably.

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