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Mainau Constance

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Active holiday in the beachfront not every holiday with sunbathing. ng through. Some prefer instead an active travel with sports and always changing backdrop. Especially like is by bicycle, finds sexy nature, attractions and plenty of space for being active on Lake Constance. The travel portal travel24.com presents the region around Lake Constance. Who want to travel not too far to enjoy his vacation days, should plan a vacation in Germany, because in this country offer versatile options.

Optimal conditions for active trips with the wheel find tourists in the Lake Constance region. The Lake lies directly in the border triangle of Switzerland, Austria and Germany. The surrounding Alpine landscape provides a stunning backdrop for a circumnavigation of Lake and is home to numerous places that invite to stay. In about seven days, cyclists can go around Lake Constance and explore three countries doing the same. Charming flair awaits visitors in the city of Constance on the Swiss border. There those interested in culture can include numerous museums and Visit monuments.

Another highlight along the way which the island of Reichenau, was declared in the year 2000 to the UNESCO World Heritage site. The flower island of Mainau is located in Lake Constance and is well worth a visit. Due to the favourable climate, where subtropical and tropical plants grow. More information: magazin.

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