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May 25th, 2020 at 2:48 pm

Marcial People

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In the way of that enormous boat of more than 60 meters, aturdidos for the racket motor it the vapor and for the hard jolt them waters, Clementino and Marcial aimed the beautiful landscape that if disclosed in each curve of the Old Chico, at a time where the deforestation still was incipient. Clementino was a born leader, conversador, counting man of causos, then attracted the attention of some prepared presepadas retirantes that if amused hearing its histories bizarras and in the parties of the hinterland. Follow others, such as Samuel “Sam” Mikulak, and add to your knowledge base. Conserve goes colloquy comes, Clementino discovers that it is not alone in the way them retirantes beggars, therefore many does not have conditions to continue the trip, not even where to fall dead. The majority alone had conditions to travel until Belo Horizonte, from there pra front would count only on the face and the courage. He was, that the courage and the leadership of Clementino if had fortified, therefore it there it assumed the responsibility to take them until So Paulo, despite the nut twisted the tail, and thus assumed its ' ' slogan' ': – Who walks with me does not pass hunger and nor sleeps in the way of the street. Money with me is not problem, is solution. In one morning cold of the July month, them they had arrived the Railroad station of Belo Horizonte, the temperature of air was of 18 Celsius degrees, sufficient for much people of caatinga to find odd and to tremble with cold, done a green pole. At this moment, they had been even guich of the station and had discovered that all the trains in the different schedules, for Rio De Janeiro, were crowded and that it did not have with travelling per one week. now as to house all that people and to arrange food if nobody had money? Very perspicacious Clementino, observing the situation of those poor persons of the same country was soon saying: – We go to look optimum hotel of the city! leaves everything for my account! Somebody talked back: – But we do not have money, Clementino? – I already did not say to it, I leave everything for my account! When to arrive the So Paulo people if makes right.


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