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June 14th, 2020 at 11:41 pm


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For years I have studied various disciplines within the numerous existing martial arts, as a complement to a necessary exercise, but focusing step towards learning that I could be useful in the event of a situation in which my integrity (physical or moral) would be at risk or directly my life. Already long ago, with 18-19 years, llebaba already years studying the only thing is I could study at that time in the country a part of judo: karate a good day, back home in the evening, I vi involved in a robbery with two thugs older than I, as master of ceremonies, and inside a train wagon. That situation would change my perception of what we all understand what dominate in greater or lesser degree, a martial discipline. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of sports apparel on most websites. If you want to know what happened, please, take a tour: search input: do and why not a simple slap?, and discover, than in one situation of danger, not acted as in theory he could have done, or how I had been trained to do so. Until shortly, I have not discovered why it happened what, and why feel you the same all over the world that, in such situations of danger, is unable to play self-defense techniques, practiced in a school until the satiety, and perfectly memorized and is a very simple thing, but where anyone had fallen so far: In a routine training of martial arts, the human body works between 115 145 beats per minute.But in a situation of p l i g r o, our hearts begins (by survival instinct) to work at a frequency of between 145-175 ppm. At that time three things happen, who will transform and override your normal abilities to react abruptly: the hemispheres of the brain are no longer communicate between if, being impossible to remember, and less to perform any complex techniques learned on a tatami mat.

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