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July 16th, 2020 at 11:18 am

Massage Chair

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To see what part of NO, not understand? N or O?. That is what I had that having said to the commercial that just over one month ago, was presented in my house. The hook was a DVD they gave me for free a DVD that wasn’t a DVD at the end and ended up becoming another book fat El about the history of civilizations but good, as does not look a gift horse tooth. The thing is that it is not the first time that this company offers me something, for being a great client actually is not that they have sold me a lot after nearly 20 years first thing and only thing I bought was an encyclopedia of football such as sold on VHS so I imagine if that years ago. Good what was going. Follow others, such as NBA, and add to your knowledge base. It is that after a telephone call to notify me of how lucky I am presented a commercial in my house to give me the aforementioned book, which, until that time, I thought it was a DVD until there all normal although I was already with the fly behind the ear imagining what the good Lord I would say later so that was with my inner pitbull securely tied but alert if I needed the good man to bite him told me that the company had changed its name and noseque liquidation they were doing and that’s why rewarded customers more loyal, and I had nosecuantos thousand points.

He opened a Briefcase debia weighing one quintal and he showed me a lot of things, for not messing me I’m not going to enumerate, but to make everyone an idea, he offered me a computer notebook, a Massage Chair and a food processor though I wanted a super watch AH! and as not a super encyclopedia nisiquiera told me that was that was what she would have to pay but not the gifts…There was the trap the Lord told me without any pause: obviously we only thing that we need to recover is the money of the encyclopedia. but don’t worry because you will need only to pay 36 comfortable mesualidades of 50 EUR! I just offer to an elderly lady and just be delighted because already has the Kings pa grandchildren see hopes that put the data and I put a firmita after listening to the retaila me unmoved, at the moment, I told him – not. don’t want you the man looked at me with a puzzled face, as if he had confessed a crime told me as you have said? and I told him that no, that I don’t want it – but this is a unique offer going to lose and you’ll lose the sight points you, I thought I lo mismito me said in the company’s mobile phone. I to lo mio thinking what had to buy at Mecadona. Man began to tell me about the wonders the Chair relax I said: is a wonderful gift for your mother thinks of her. Think of it, I told him because I 50 euros can not pay. do like that can not pay 50 euro?..


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