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Max Weber

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The ideal type is a rational construction that fulfilled with some formal requirements, must present in its content the characteristics of an utopia. In fact the ideal type never or hardly can be found in the reality. In relation to the rationality; Weber it understands that the rationality is classified in four types that are: in agreement rationality determined ends, that this on a scienter of the action of the social agent, where it has forecast, I calculate, planning with the ends of the action; in agreement rationality values, has to have with values, beliefs, the agent acts as its certainties; affective especially emotiva that is determined by the emotions of the social agent; traditional that it is determined in agreement the customs arraigado. (Fraga, 1999, P. 82-83).

The domination is the formation of a behavior that gains legitimacy statute. The obedience determined the rules or norms necessary to be enrolled in the scope of an assent of the agents. (…) the domination structures condition the agents to believe in the proper legitimacy of the domination. (Fraga, 1999, P. 83-84). For Weber cited for Fraga, (1999, P. 84). The rational domination rests on the belief in the instituted legality of ordinance and the rights of control of calls for these ordinances to exert the authority.

Traditional domination rests on the belief in the sanctity of the traditions that invigorate since distant times and in the legitimacy of that they are assigned by this tradition to exert the authority. Charismatic domination rests on the extradaily delivery to the sanctity, herosmo or the exemplaridade of a person and the ordinances for it created or disclosed. The ethical question for Weber, on the scope of the exercise of the actions politics if bases on three points of analyzes: the agent, the ways and the ends. In the action politics what he is in game it is the attainment and maintenance of the power. The agent politician uses all the ways necessary to reach the ends of an action. The used strategies for an agent objectify to reach ends, exactly being necessary the use of fraudulent means, more what it interests are the objectives to be reached by the agent politician. With it affirms Maquiavel: The ends they justify half for the agent the politician. It makes more steals. In the action of the agent politician the ethics of the responsibility are almost inexistent. SOURCES: FRAGA, Rogrio. Domination and ethics in Max Weber. In: Sociology: texts and contexts.


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