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July 15th, 2020 at 7:11 am

Mens Brotherhood Supporters

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I am sure many of you know that the homeland of football England, has produced a countless number of youth movements: fashion, punk, skinheady, but probably the most numerous and has a huge resonance around the world – it’s casuals. When asked who the football casuals now than they were in history – answer: First of all – it’s Men’s Fellowship of like-minded people – those who stand with you shoulder to shoulder and ready to fight for their ideals, their team, against faceless pressure system – and again and again make sure – we – others, non-gray dull crowd, we are football-casuals, we are true to their style and traditions, we are the best! Several fundamental criteria determine the existence of casuals – football, street fighting and fashion. That’s just about fashion and style footboll casuals, their impact on the hearts and minds of the youth elite and want to talk about today. How did it all start and how it all began. Youth subculture casuals undergone quite a few changes in their development process.

To begin with, that first appeared in the Liverpool casuals in the late ’70s, it was there in the stands of football games there are the first fans, dressed not in the fans’ T-shirts and scarves with the football team, but in a rather expensive and stylish clothes fashionable European designers. They stand out from others with his unobtrusive, but the strict style of muted colors, sturdy fabrics – the main attributes of expensive clothes. From there suddenly this expensive designer clothing for the Liverpool and Manchester fans? Yes, everything is simple – the guys from the 80s, first wanted to stand out from the punks, mods, skinheads and other flows, and secondly, trying not to catch the eye of the police – and it meant – to wear formal dress, pale colors, and of course, more expensive clothes, the harder you suspect a potential bully.


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