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August 23rd, 2018 at 6:27 am

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Ignore the financial position of the company, business, will prevent hold it during the months of low income, when consumers are not responding, even to the best products, with the speed that it should. Ignoring the needs of employees prevents design effective strategies to motivate them, guide them, and directing their efforts, without doubt one of the most difficult challenges to what they have to face, exercising patience, persistence, and demanding management skills, especially when emerging issues and morale, productivity and income will be quickly diminished. Confuse reality with what should be, unaware that the quality of an entrepreneur, always is forced to live inside a world of assumptions, but that money is spent in the real world. Not having a sales forecast that prevents having a real map that would know which products come from the best sales, where they will be in the future and to measure progress in a serious manner financial and the overall progress of the business. Not hiring the best employees, sharing with them the responsibility and delegating sufficient authority hinders the pursuit of further growth of the company. Perhaps the desire to start own business was to become a kind of superhero and being the key to everything that happens within him, but soon realizes that can do it all, and that even small levels of growth begins to feel completely overwhelmed Money Magazine adds several, of which we consider relevant: Inability to deal with change: the business world is full of examples of successful business people who have taken up ideas that others have discarded. The limited capacity of some to find different ways to overcome difficulties is one of its main causes of failure. As companies evolve, strategies must go attaching to new requirements. Few employers understand that contingency plans are keys to grow. Over-optimism: by definition, entrepreneurs are optimistic people.

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