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National Convention

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All of these names are very old, they correspond to the history of the America before 1492. The arrival of the Spanish in particular, some Castilian voices are transfonetizaron Guarani, nominating foreign objects into native culture (kavaju, vaka, ovecha, kavara, kamisa). The Spaniards, particularly missionaries (Jesuits and Franciscans) not could meet initially its mission of evangelization because the vain attempt to do in Castilian. So they decided to develop the entire process of catequizacion, but in the language of the reduced. There more words appear to name phenomena, facts, circumstances and Christian characters, but in Guarani. So yvaga, anareta, pa i or avare, mongarai, tupao, angaipa, etc. 3.

THE PARAGUAYAN situation the following points They demonstrate the interesting news of the Guarani in the Paraguay. 1 ) Data from the latest national census, practiced in 2002, showed the presence of 50% of Guarani-speakers in the Paraguay; followed by almost 25% bilingual (Guarani-Castilian) and less than 10% of Spanish speakers. This is important, because if we compare the percentage of Guarani-speakers with practiced in 1992, we perceive that the percentage of Guarani-speakers was lower in that census. Indeed, the 1992 census said 37% Guarani-speakers. Specifically, today, Paraguay 87% of the population speaks and understands Guarani. 2 ) The Guarani is the official language of the Paraguay since 1992.

Indeed Guarani achieved that rank after many years of marginalization by certain legal bureaucracy that remains embedded in the spaces of power but with less force. We must not lose sight of those who formed the constitutional National Convention which adopted the current Constitution (1992), came from different strata: games politicians and social, Trade Union, student, peasant, indigenous, cooperative, business and industrial organizations, etc. and that all of them – representing their parties and organizations – adopted unanimentemente Art. 140 declared Guarani as official language of the Republic. 3 ) El Guarani is part of the national educational system since 1994.

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