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New: Free Horoscopes Plus Free Astrology Course

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On the page dasgute.de, you will receive an approximately 40-page analysis of the personality as well as an approximately 20-page analysis titled ‘Who suits me’ currently free. 40 personal horoscope and approx. 20 pages analysis to the question of who is right for me? “- these are two free offers, which can be found on the website dasgute.de. The site is aimed at interested, so detailed help is provided to the self-discovery at the disposal. The analyses are based on methods of serious astrology and promise a better understanding of one’s own personality, that is able to be helpful in the process of inner maturity. The well-known horoscopes in newspapers appear quite simple. They provide life support and advise caution or recklessness. It isn’t quite that simple, if you seriously deals with astrology.

A personal horoscope must meet the complexity of the human being in all aspects, all facets, all areas and also the existing connections. Since the individual spheres of human life influence each other, it is not easy to capture this in an analysis and to represent in a text. To do justice to the complexity of the people, also the personality analysis must be quite complex. Because the text that stands at the end of the analysis, should remain but easy to understand, the analysis in individual subject areas is, which unfolds like a fan. A personality analysis contains the following topics: individuality & self expression (Sun and ascendant) feelings, needs, roots (Moon) communication, expression, language, information (mercury) relationship ability, enforcement and erotic (Venus and Mars) career development potential, skyline extension & concentration (Jupiter and Saturn), appeals, purpose in life (medium coeli, MC) life’s work (lunar nodes axis) transformation, conversion of personality (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) as suggestions to the self-enquiry want descriptions of personality analysis, not be construed as specifications. For analyses of this type can give only a suggestion the people even closer to explore themselves and thus better to steer his life.


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