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August 6th, 2020 at 8:33 am

New Moon

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' ' I repeated the last words of my mother when it left for the same one carries as many years behind. … My cruel words had made its work? Charlie was paralyzed in the door-sill of the door, stuned, while I ran for noite.' ' (MEYER, 2008, p.293-294). Edward, when deciding to die in the end of as the book, New Moon, thinks very little on the impact that its death would have on the remain of its family. ' ' I thought that already it had explained with clarity. Bella, I cannot live in a world where you not exista.' ' (MEYER, 2008, P. 411) To a first one to look at, both the stretches used as examples above they sound simply romantic, but the implications of both are clear: what it matters for the protagonists are its desires and its wills, not it of excessively, exactly that these people if matter with them.

With one without number of examples in the five books that count its history, the two personages demonstrate in diverse ways that, although the way as is portraied, idealized, characteristic that it will be treated in the next item to quarrel, both is centered only in itself, and in that matter for them, acentuadamente romantic mark. 2,2 Idealizao Trao that is the marcante during all workmanship, the idealizao of the protagonists of the Saga Twilight leaves some Romantic idealizaes classically seeming almost realistic in its exageros. ' ' It was there, seated in the refectory, trying to talk with seven curious strangers, who I them vi for the first time. … The high one was escultural. Pretty, of the type that if it saw in the layer of the edition of suits of bath of the Sports lllustrated, of the type that made all girl close to it feeling a blow in only auto-esteem for being in the same surrounding.


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