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August 14th, 2020 at 6:33 am

New Web Shop For Fingerless Gloves Of The Mark Of Handsuit

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Gloves without fingers wool fulling Loden HANDSUIT opened its new Web shop in December, here customers can purchase gloves without fingers wool, Walkloden. “” “The term Loden probably comes from the old high German term LoDo” for gross substance ‘, since the 10th century is occupied, can but also from the Middle High German Lodi “(coat) or by the corresponding old Norse Lodi” (shaggy coat) are. Loden described originally tough, not milled wool coating fabric. “At least since the early Middle Ages Loden was fulled, then as a woollen cloth” (also known as broadcloth, Swed. To be processed Vadmal). “The term Loden” always only the unfinished raw tissue before the fulling process described at this time. Today, the term Loden as a collective term for dense woollen-spun yarn woven (rare worsted) mainly used wool with a more or less smooth interface.

Colloquially, Loden is often equated with Walkloden, although today both gewalkte as also not milled fabrics covered by this term. The classic colors are olive green, Brown, black mix or red-brown. Modern Loden fabrics are woven in Twill, Twill similar or canvas bindings.” The fingerless gloves should be any help, who don’t want to miss his finger freedom, it wants to have but still warm. Mail carriers, bouncers, at the walk or in the street carnival. Often there are situations where it must go fast, fingerless gloves are the best solution for this purpose. The young fashion label can be inspired to take on the laws of the road around the idea of fingerlosen gloves, improve, to make them accessible for sense of joyful citizens of the world. “We wanted to create a brand that reflects the authenticity of the street and at the same time unique accents.” (HANDSUIT /) To make these points, the fingerlosen gloves made from 100% pure new wool (Walkloden), to the extravagant, honest and at the same time obvious solution to interpret Handsuit style contact: Andreas Handsuit Handsuit UG


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