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July 15th, 2020 at 10:11 pm

Neymar Farias

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The coach of Venezuela demanded respect for the Brazilian. Neymar is claimed by Madrid but Alves hopes to play with him someday. Brazil disappoints and ties with Venezuela in his debut in the Copa America. Cesar Farias, coach of Venezuela, acknowledged at the end of the match against Brazil that polemizo with Neymar, who demanded respect in the rest of the match for not throwing the ball away when Miku was laying on the ground, although he clarified that the footballer’s Santos not assaulted him. Neymar played the ball after an action in which Miku Fedor was knocked down in a lack that not whistled the collegiate.

you could even mark Brazil in that subsequent play. (As opposed to ecommerce). Hence, the anger of Farias, then explained at the end of the match. It was not Neymar who assaulted me. It seemed unfair that Brazil could win the game with a goal as well. Why claim to Neymar because football is not only to play, has other aspects of the game.

I demanded him respect. I could not see who attacked me because police me He threw into confusion. The right thing would have been that they throw out the ball and that our player was attended, said Farias. Alves Daniel Alves, wants to the right side of the Brazilian selection blaugrana has opened the doors of FC Barcelona to his compatriot Neymar, supposedly sought by the Real Madrid this summer, and hopes someday to play with him dressed in blaugrana. Source of the news: bronca Grand of Neymar Farias and Alves hoped that the Brazilian will be someday azulrgana

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