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September 2nd, 2020 at 10:48 pm

Nikolaj Lange

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Even after weight loss the basal metabolic rate remains at first mostly low, therefore a further weight gain is very likely. The five-point program of the Sanguinum treatment the Sanguinum treatment developed by physicians, health practitioners, psychotherapists and Threpsologists is a holistic alternative to conventional weight loss programs that focus exclusively on the food composition and quantity. The five components of success guarantee a high likelihood of lasting weight loss success sustainability, health, motivation, competence and networking in the interaction. The factor is particularly important sustainability: to prevent a renewed growth after weight reduction, the basal metabolic rate is already during and after the treatment with homeopathic help raised or kept stable: the metabolism stays in swing. “For many people, their Stoffwechsel has become generally slower, for example by smoking cessation, several failed diets, by hormonal changes such as” “in the pregnancy or the menopause or offers help with healthy weight loss the Sanguinum treatment”, naturopaths Nikolaj Lange explains. By the increase in the basal metabolic rate during the business through the nutrition in the treatment of metabolism is normalized these people again, which leads at the same time reduced caloric intake to the desired weight loss.

A well-functioning metabolism during weight loss has other advantages: fat is broken down, while preserving important muscle mass. In addition maintained by the stabilization of the basal metabolic rate of also blood sugar levels – the dreaded cravings remain. Without a long-term nutrition isn’t however the Sanguinum treatment. This assistance is provided: “many people need to first learn what healthy and balanced diet means. While the therapists in the current dietary advice for any kind of help and advice available “, Nikolaj Lange explains. Health is a Another important component of the Sanguinum treatment. “People take off with us to become healthier, therefore a balanced nutrition program is already during weight loss essential part of the cure,” the sports practitioner continues.

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