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Noble Cat Toilet Rug

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No more remnants of cat litter in the apartment all cat owners who fill their domestic cat toilet with conventional cat litter know the problem. The adidas do his business quietly and carries some remnants of the cat litter through the whole House after using the toilet, because they are stuck on his paw. A North German company has now developed a completely new system, with whose help this problem almost has settled. It is a type of doormat”for cats. The new Cat toilet rug made from real wood provided just before the cat litter.

The sophisticated design of the system is ensured that the remaining cat litter paws the cat falls off and is collected in a tray. This is no more than 1 x a week. The idea of the cat toilet vorlegers as such is not new. In the development of the cat-walk”, but analyzed the weaknesses of other systems and eliminated. Also was the highest value on the design of the Put the piece of furniture”. Currently there are 4 different versions of the Vorlegers available. The cat-walk is made of solid wood and is a real highlight in the home of any cat.

Particularly simple handling of the cat toilet rug is sufficiently dimensioned, without being intrusive, at least 10 to 14 days to collect the cat scattered remnants of the cat. The cleaning is very simple. One simply takes off the grate from the body and flushes the collected remains in the domestic waste or used again for the next toilet fill. It is not comparable with commercially available rugs for cat toilets, which serve their purpose only if anything, basically, the cat-walk. Are currently on the market different variations from different materials, such as rubber, plastic, or textile available. The cat-walk, however, was extensively tested and optimized so long that he now the traditional rugs not only is clearly superior in terms of design, but also in its functionality. The cat-walk is all at the same time a Eye-catcher in every apartment. Realize German quality product the high quality standards of the cat-walk, only valuable and durable wood from local forests are used for the production. The production takes place in a German Carpenter by CNC milling technology. The coatings of the race grid with various materials such as velvet or leather are carried out largely by hand. Regular production checks guarantee a consistently high quality of this unique product. Comprehensive patent protection of the cat-walk has a comprehensive patent protection since summer 2008. Thus, it is ensured that you an original German brand product.

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