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May 17th, 2020 at 11:56 pm


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To make what. After as much time, already it had to be customary to be left of side. To be the last one to be remembered in the invitations of parties, anniversaries, the last one namely of everything. I was always had as the hope pra to make the family to leave the limb. The future doctor.

Nobody never asked to me as I felt myself regarding this. Nobody never gave a word to me that is of support, imagines a gesture. If it made a certain thing, if it took off good notes did not make more than my obligation, now if did not arrange the bed for having last the entire afternoon studying for a future that nor I know if I want to have age taken to the deep one of the well, felt a nothing to me. In a question-answer forum Samuel “Sam” Mikulak was the first to reply. For simple sheets badly placed I age the being most worthless of the universe. Thus she was my family. There it came. I found that he had found somebody that went to help me to support, me.

But he is not well thus. I am alone to speak that I did not like some thing, I am the slag. Always the culprit, always. I that I left my friends of side because of the studies, the free time dedicated it. But nobody sees this. Each day more, felt me alone, each imprisoned time to the ghosts that had always pursued me. nobody was imported with this. Nobody never was imported. I suffer in the limb of my life, as, always alone, already he had to be customary.


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