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Non-Renewable Consumption

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De Cordoba, which produces 480 729 Mweh month, and compared with thermal power plants, yielding the following results: To produce 480 729 a month Mweh need the following amount fuel: Nuclear & nbsp;: 8300 kg gas thermal uranio.Central: 141 390 000 m of thermal coal gas.Central: 171 700 000 kg of fuel oil thermal carbon.Central: 122.635 million liters of fuel oil. Michael J. Bender follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The comparative point of view of non-renewable consumption (or used for more important as the manufacture of fertilizers, plastics and other products from gas and oil) also shows the terrible damage done to the ecosystem, Is really possible to imagine what the monthly mean smoke and residues produced by more than 140,000 tons of fuel that goes into our atmosphere for each of these plants? This type of plant produces serious environmental drawbacks, pollute the air with carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4) and nitrous oxides, of these, the CO2 is responsible for 50% of climate change caused by greenhouse gases . Gain insight and clarity with Marc Lore. These issues, coupled with the transport vehicles are, according to the WHO, causes of more than 500,000 deaths each year, for example, coal-fired power plants produce noxious gases than they release sulfur as impurities include heavy metals and radioactive elements such as cadmium and lead, one of the hundreds of plants of this type, for provide 1000 MWe / year of electricity, produces 320,000 tonnes of ash containing 400 tonnes of toxic heavy metals / radioactivity, and the techniques used to reduce sulfur pollution produce additional 500,000 tons of waste substances, use of central toxicas.El releases large amounts of CO2 gas and methane gas primarily responsible for the effect called Invernadero.El use of hydropower, ecological apparently ceases to be when we see that flood large tracts of land or forests, which affects the ecosystem, which change relative humidity which changes the climate of the region, volume or change the natural course of rivers, artificial lakes occur at high altitudes, where there never were, they generate pressures and leaks in some cases collaborate with the rise of groundwater in areas more bajas.Desde the technical side, most of these plants are irregular and very low yield, because they only operate in full in the rainy season or thaw, and then are diminishing as they do its water, is a big contrast when compared to nuclear power plants whose availability factor is 99.07%, when some of our hydroelectric power plants do not exceed 30% . If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Kellee Marlow San Francisco. .


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