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February 2nd, 2020 at 10:33 am


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The Olympics are an event sports which is held every four years, with the participation of a large number of sports delegations from all continents, thanks to this is ranked as the most important sporting event in the world; It is good to mention that the Olympics logo are five United rings, representing the union of the entire planet in sporting activity. The history of the Winter Olympics starts its development in Greece in the year 770 BC onwards; These were called Olympic Games due to his celebration was in the ancient city of Olympia. In its infancy the Olympic Games were developed purposes primarily religious, because the athlete that could potentially overcome others was chosen to pay tribute to the god Zeus. The current history of the Olympic Games begins in the year 1829, where both German and French researchers begin excavations in order to dig up the city of Olympia, to revive the sportsmanship that is provoked in athletes. Thanks to this from the year 1859 resumed Olympic activities; Although it is good to note that this event of course was not developed in the ancient city of Olympia, but in the new Greece. It is proper to say that these new Olympic Games did not get a great reception, because the city of Greece was not important enough to draw the attention of the world athletes.

It is good to mention that someone vital to the revival of the Olympic Games, was the Baron of Coubetin, who dedicated much of his life to highlight the importance of Olympics in the evolution not only of a city as Greece, but also as an important source for the poly cultural encounters with their efforts. In the year of 1900 he decided create the International Olympic Committee, in order to register and control the development of this important sporting event; This since one of the first determinations that took the Olympic Committee, was to perform this event every four years in different cities of the world in order to make it more attractive year after year. Today the Olympic Games have obtained such heyday by the public that this was divided into two trends, which are summer and winter Olympic games that have radically large differences. The Olympic Summer Games, by the amount of their practices is listed as the most important, because it brings together all of the athletic activities both ancient and modern, that are developed on Earth, mainly activities such as athletics, Javelin or bullet, cycling and weightlifting among many launch others. The Winter Olympics were developed with the objective of recognizing the activities practiced on snow or ice as Olympic sports, which are an important part of the sport today; It is good to mention that they do not possess the same importance of the summer Olympics. Until today have been developed 28 editions of the summer Olympic Games and 20 of winter, carrying a total of 48 editions for modern editions of this event; all of these made in countries such as United States, Greece, Italy, Japan, France, Canada and Germany among others.


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