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June 10th, 2020 at 5:41 am


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He is a true passion for children and a nightmare for mothers who do not want to hear about their kids just to taste it. Was considered since its inception 'food of the gods' this product was banned for a long time due to a number of unjustified prejudices. Today, they are finally completely discredited. Like something like it. And even, it seems useful. It already knew the ancient Aztecs, who many centuries ago believed that xocolatl, as they see it called, has the ability to "banish fatigue." It is no accident the scientific name of plants bearing seeds of cocoa, – theobrome cacao, which means 'food of the gods'. However, this is highly valued for centuries gourmand of all ages product in the seventies to label the main culprit of tooth decay, acne, cholesterol, and extra pounds of weight. This accusation was based on the sometimes quite baseless arguments.

Today, experts on Power rehabilitated a favorite children's treat, chocolate has risen on the Olympus of useful products. So if it's true that chocolate promotes overexcitation? Yes. Cocoa contains theobromine – a substance belonging to the same group, and that caffeine in coffee, though, and having ten times smaller stimuli. That's why some people who eat chocolate at night, you may be insomnia. And the children? Naturally, too. That this did not happen, it is important not to eat chocolate in large quantities and do not give it at night for children, especially those of them who are restless, easily excitable and who does not sleep long.

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