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April 20th, 2020 at 7:48 am

Oranienburg Artists

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His own fire show with acrobatics deposits? A pantomime, which was tailored exactly according to personal requirements? A breathtaking show, which combines artistry, fire show, MIME and juggling? The team of flight dreamer (www.flugtraeumer.de) this offers its customers and has success it already for over ten years. Comedian often expresses his thoughts on the topic. What is special about the offer of the Berliner Ensemble of artists is that it is not only solid pieces in the program – the four members discuss their show with their clients on request and accurately translate the wishes. The Quartet has had success on the stages of Europe whether individually in the solo or as a joint group, whether acrobatic or fire show – they have success so far in all their appearances. They are similarly numerous and ever lead the flight dreamers out beyond the borders of Germany. Most of the time, but they are in the Federal Republic on the way – their skills have spread in the meantime in the circles of the event Manager, as well as private individuals. Also jester festivals and medieval spectacles are the flight dreamers always a welcome guest, a joy which is based on reciprocity. But also large platforms are not foreign to the experienced acrobats–they placing particular attention on their fire show, which they already occurred at the Pyro masters.

In your homeland Berlin they are no unknown anyway, since a long time more with the Chameleon variety and two of the most famous stages in the capital are on the list of her performances the Tempodrom. Fire dreamer offer their own programs or wishful thinking of course has the well-rehearsed team over its long-standing cooperation built up a broad repertoire of own performances and working permanently on the perfection of existing and the development of new representations. In close consultation with its customers elaborated the group but also individually designed ideas which one or several artists or the entire ensemble with embed. -Provide this performance differently than similar artists – not only commercial organizers, but also Individuals who can assemble a custom fire show for their events. Thus, they occupy a niche in show business, which is served only by a few professionals. Also the demand experienced trained artists of this page is correspondingly high.

Often they are posted not only for a single performance, but for several shows – the clientele has expanded continuously over the years. You see the high acclaim as a confirmation of their skills in arduous training, who regularly put the audience in incredulous astonishment. Performances against a historic backdrop in addition to medieval festivals take the fire dreamer also often historic locations for example, in the Park of the castle of Oranienburg, in the Castle Park Bad Bentheim or in the Spandau Citadel. In appropriate costumes and a topic appropriate to the occasion their fire show is at least still even so impressively as already. The special challenge of acrobatic feats in this not created clothing to accomplish the team thanks to his long experience masters now easily. Their own claims are usually higher than those of the audience – in spite of the many performances that each year successfully cope with fire dreamer, yet they try to outdo ever again even at every new opportunity.


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