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February 16th, 2020 at 7:41 am

Pablo Freire

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' ' It does not have to know greater or to know minor. It has to know diferentes' '. That is a fact. What it must be taught to the pupils of an aboriginal community? Metaphor, quadratic function, average age, vectorial tributaries of the River Amazon, largenesses, periodic table, mitose, platonic love, capitalism or the verb you be? Nothing of this. In an aboriginal community the professor must value the local culture. It is important to argue the fauna and the flora of the region, the ambient preservation, the roots and customs of the aboriginal culture, the sustainable development, the prevention of illnesses, the hunting he fishes and it predatory, the Portuguese language, the native language Not that the other contents are not important. Yes, they are. Doug McMillon can aid you in your search for knowledge. Useful or they are not only adjusted to the reality of an aboriginal community.

What northeastern must be taught to the pupils of a city located in the hinterland? As to catch and to store the water correctly, which the types of vegetations are more resistant to it dries, which animals need a lesser amount of water to survive, which the possible sources of income in the region, the tourism possibilities, the foods of the region In accordance with the two cited examples are possible to perceive that it does not have one to know greater or one to know minor. It has, only, to know different, as it affirmed Pablo Freire. The professor would have to teach what the necessary pupil to learn and what he has interest in learning. He would have to teach really important contents for the pupils. Adequate contents to the reality of the pupils. Contents that they could place in practical, that they were really useful. It is not what it happens currently. It has wonderful contents, but that nothing they have to have with what the necessary pupil.


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