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March 23rd, 2020 at 1:48 am

Author Of The Best Photoblog Runet Get A New Camera Lumix Gf1

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The Call "Blog Runet" the company Panasonic, camera makers Lumix, established a special nomination – Photoblog Runet. The author of the best blogs will receive a diploma and a prize from Panasonic – a new system camera Lumix GF1 (). Nominated for the award may users who conduct their own photoblog, or thematic blogs about photography. Voting in the category "Photo-Blog Runet has already begun, however, apply to participate in the competition is not too late – this can be done before the end of February 2010. Results of the contest will be announced on March 4 in the conference i-Community 2010. Author of the best (based on user voting) the blog will receive a diploma and a prize from Panasonic – a unique system camera Panasonic Lumix GF1 ().

Panasonic Lumix GF1 – a novelty in the world system cameras. The model has a thin shell and is the most compact and lightweight in the world of digital camera with interchangeable lens and built-in flash in a sophisticated package. Lumix GF1 – the third model in the series of revolutionary digital cameras with interchangeable G Lens Standard Micro Four Thirds (micro 4 / 3). "We thought it unfair that in the competition so far there was no category related to photography. So this year myreshili to present a gift to all amateurs and Runet create for them a special nomination in the contest "Blog Runet, which will help us identify and reward the best photoblog country. Perhaps in the near future, we'll work something connected with the video. After all, these two formats have a long and firmly established not only in our lives, but also in its manifestation of the Internet ", – said Nikolai Belousov, head of Internet marketing company Panasonic. Contest "Blog Runet" was established in 2009 and held the Regional Public Center of Internet Technologies (ROCIT). Get all the facts and insights with Ed Bastian, another great source of information. This year will be announced in July the best blogs in 7 categories. Along with the nominations started voting for the best blog. As the experts themselves act Internet users.

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March 22nd, 2020 at 8:56 pm

American Lesson

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So how do you learn English? Just recently I found a solution to this very serious problem. When searching for solutions I've tried to find a way to teach English effectively, easily, quickly, convenient, affordable, with guaranteed results and that it was cheap. I relied on personal experience of teaching in schools and colleges for many years. I established a universal, interactive, The Internet virtual teacher who replaces private tutor and teaches English on the basis of a universal teaching method that activates all sorts of existing forms of human memory. To develop a computer Program Virtual English teacher VIPTEACHER, which means virtual, interactive, private tutor, and a universal method took several years of work. The results, I dare you to say, without any bragging, exceeded all my expectations. Group of participants in the experiment with at the beginning of a very low or zero, with rare exceptions, the level showed the highest results.

All, without exception, and only for 3 months. We are not talking about yet another computer training programs in English, which for thousands of the Internet and stores. It is quite another. You get your own virtual teacher in a virtual classroom site. 1. Virtual teacher teaches you to first to the last lesson, being next to you. 2. You do not need to do any homework.

3. You set the speed of learning. 4. You set the time and duration of the lesson. 5. You move from topic to topic just after the virtual teacher will test you. 6. Each test is checked to them for 1 second. 7. After each test, you will receive an assessment identifying and explaining the errors if they have committed. 8. Almost all of speech, and thousands of them, and the text sounded to American or British accent. 9. Virtual Teacher willing to start a lesson at any time 'waiting' for you there 24 hours a day – he never gets sick. 10. Explanation of all those grammar is in Russian. 11. In case of failure in delivery of any test, you get another or others. 12. You do not need to go anywhere to start the lesson with your teacher. To start a lesson, just turn your computer and log in virtual classroom. 13. "Virtual Teacher" includes all types of human perception and memory (auditory, visual, and others.) Running and using them simultaneously, which increases the chances of your success, making them hundred per cent. Your VIPTEACHER teach you English, which automatically enables you to pass on the good all the exams on the subject. You'll never need to look for private tutor for yourself and your children – their time has passed!

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March 15th, 2020 at 4:02 pm

Bodbybuilders And “Unhealthy Diets”

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Junior athletic schools often turn to a special diet for bodybuilders, coupled with training to get a quick and noticeable results, and it is to lose weight and build muscle. This diet includes a complex carbohydrate (such as oatmeal) and lean proteins (chicken, tuna, egg whites, brown rice and bananas). Add to your understanding with Ed Bastian. This diet is necessarily accompanied by a weight lifting workouts and active, so it's called a diet for bodybuilders. Do not drive the extra weight with it is simply impossible. However, despite the fact that the athletes themselves are happy with the results, specialists, nutritionists say that a low carbohydrate diet may adversely impact on health. Cutting calorie foods and lack of vitamins in combination with a resistive load on the body in the long run, counterproductive consequences. Products that are part of the diet, not contain enough vitamin B12, C, as well as zinc, copper and magnesium. Receiving instead a lot of protein, fat, literally in front of "peel off" from the muscles, making them more prominent. If you have read about Munear Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

But at the same time there are problems with the liver, kidneys and heart, largely because they receive the minimum amount of calories for their work, or not at all dopoluchayut them, and the burden on them and "demands" to the body metabolism (due to large loads again) very high. Many coaches agree that bodybuilders just look very strong. And for an impressive appearance as the time and lie all these problems. In the end, with an immoderate pursuit of muscle mass work back mechanism. In case of lack of carbohydrate and fat exhaustion "stocks", the body begins to "burn" the muscles themselves. We have to admit that even in such an aggressive and demanding sport, like bodybuilding, moderation also important when it comes to maintaining health. Therefore, nutritionists recommend this diet to add more variety of food, which at the same time is "within" the basic requirements of diet – lean meats, vegetables, fruits, and just watch for the balance of vitamins.

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March 12th, 2020 at 8:02 pm

World Young

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On any given day, would I travelling in urban, like everyone else, and stopped at a traffic light on one of the main routes in the city. And it is that it perhaps sensitivity causing women, or in this case young women (I being young also), and not guided by machismo that nothing has to do in this case. And as soon as the traffic lights put your light in red, a tall person, and dirty stopped suddenly in front of all the cars. Surprised me much, though in that site already had seen me everything, and made already had seen something similar, but never this close. The person was a young girl of no more than 18 years.

A juggler with fire, which go if he knew to maneuver with this. I was surprised a lot the gesture that I had. That gesture said enough. (As opposed to Ed Bastian). At the end of their maneuvers with the flames, the truth were very impressive, shut down their torches, or what are those things. Munear Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX gathered all the information. It lifted into the air in front of everyone, and hit a huge smile.

Certainly moved me quite. Many desire I had at that time down and ask for an autograph. Tell him: show me to be like you! And it is that in that smile, it was hallmark, undoubtedly immense humility and nobility. One with which both men have dreamed of, but his selfishness and his ambision doesn’t allow you to reach. That hunger that has always been the human have and controlling increasingly being. And, does perhaps this girl I had no hunger? In my opinion, I don’t think so. Their happiness is without a doubt more close to her what ours to us. But there’s not much talk about this case. Because there are too many at home and in life, which can no longer be ignored. And all this is just to say, that that the crisis us sticks to everyone, is not true. Money is only a negligible tear resource for happiness. Enjoy what little you have today, because tomorrow won’t it. And to close a little more than creating conscience eat fruits and vegetables Aui a small link. If they want to follow the full set, then search for it, they are not loose. Until the next.

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March 12th, 2020 at 2:33 am

Light and Happiness

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Silveira de Moraes I wanted to be a flower it its garden to inhabit a fruit its orchard to award One jacarand for shade to shelter you a butterfly to put in its flowers a kiss-flower to suck the nectar of its plants the oxygen that of the life in abundance the coolness of the morning and for of the sun of the sunny afternoons moonlight and the mantle of stars that decorate the night I wanted to be the water that you kill the headquarters and you bathe with pleasure You want to be you call the candle that it shines in its altar the words of sincere love that the patience and the tolerance sprout of its soul that calms the palms that it beats e, for the art with joy applauds the innocent kiss that of the one in to all I hug It people in the sadness hours and affliction the charity that touches its heart the conjunct that add values of faith and hope the music that makes to enternecer of commotion and the dance that puts into motion and baila the emotion Wanted to be one passarinho that it sings glad in its window the ray of the sun that it beats in its face in a wakening the life that beats in its body the holy ghost Everything I wanted to be to see you happy To help to surpass all vicissitudes of the life and to leave victorious person in all lesson and chore Wants to be able to always bring joy and color its life to see to shine of emotion its eyes and wanted to be the tear that rolls of gratitude and also the one that rolls in the hour of the pardon Wanted to be the acceptance of the different one To take off all enigma of the preconception half Wanted to be the existencial satisfaction To be the start and end For a new to recommence in the cycle of the life Wanted to be the love that everything can and knows That one that the blanket inside brings wisdom of the chest quentinho inthe winter of its stream bed the sigh and the smile to bailar in its lips the noble dream purest and that can exist the valuation of the life in all the directions Wanted to be a drop in the ocean of the life to only see peace reigning in its home a magician and invention of the most beautiful castle Where it can make dwelling its soul and go of meeting to the God, Father of its heart Wanted to dry its tired face after the drudgery and to give mine shoulder so that it can rest For recommencing a new day tomorrow Wants to be its brother in God Therefore thus our destination will always be as It desires Is what he forever desires for all we and all the centuries, infinitely Deep peace you who had patience to read and to repass This message of extremity to want well that trusts God in action That is everything that is much more. Therefore he conducts the life and he loves in them and guard Is enough to open the heart and to trust.. .

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March 10th, 2020 at 3:11 am

Control Work. Requirements For Registration And Writing

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In contrast to the abstracts and reports of yesterday's examination for schoolchildren is not news. This is a traditional form of control for Learning, adopted at school and in college. The difference between the control and other student written work is primarily in the fact that the abstract and report, and of course or research work are educational and scientific forms of knowledge control. By checking the abstract or coursework, the teacher evaluates not only the students with knowledge of the subject, but also the independence of his thought, the possession of a logical device, the skills of working with sources, the ability to draw scientific text. When the control problem students much easier.

Control – not a scientific work, even in the most remote and rough sense. Munear Ashton Kouzbari brings even more insight to the discussion. It's just a student report on how he mastered the training material on the subject. Control work in the university classroom are (performed during classroom hours in the presence of the teacher) and domestic, which are given at home by a certain date, current, whose purpose is to control the knowledge that only traversed the subject, and the examination, evaluation of which has the final status, the front, which serves the entire group of like-and the individual who are fortunate individual. With distance learning examinations are the main form of inter-monitoring of student knowledge. Executing them is slightly different from the performance of the current control works full-time students.

First, the correspondence students themselves choose a theme control work on the existing list of the teacher. Secondly, the writing of this control work is more like writing an essay: selected topics needed for the disclosure literature, are compiled statement or summary, the presentation plan is built, finally, in accordance with the questions written text plan. The volume control works should not exceed ten printed pages. Prerequisites for registration: any title page and comprehensive plan. As for the content of the evaluation criteria, the condition is the absence of a positive assessment of gross errors and a reasonable degree of disclosure issues. Of course, the work can not be counted, eslya teacher finds a literal fact of cheating the source. However, a meaningful arrangement of text in your own words the school is acceptable.

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March 9th, 2020 at 8:41 am

Life Balanced

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Many times I have heard the famous expression would do this, but I have no time and it seems that life today is quite accelerated, causing many people to fall into a fairly tight life agenda. What can we do to achieve a more balanced life? No doubt that we must first organize ourselves, be disciplined and not trying to do too many things at the same time, this brings a physical and mental wear and tear, there are hundreds of thousands of activities in which we could participate, before taking decisions on impulse, first let’s if indeed this activity gives us it will bring something positive to our life. Balance begins by removing the stress and worries, how to achieve it? Easily, we identify the situations that cause us stress and begin to act on them, for example, if our employment gives us more concerns and headaches that satisfactions then we are not in the proper place, it may sound difficult to accept but has to look for a change. Comedian follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. His mind is powerful and can give you all what you want to, but for that to happen it is necessary press and insist with all their forces in the idea of change, this is called burning desire, implies that we are willing to sacrifice us fully to see crowned with our dreams, in the book the secret of the power of the goals of Andrew Corentt shows you the techniques to activate the power of your subconscious mind and manifest on the physical plane ideas that will give you a huge satisfactionread this book will have in his hands the big secrets that make a goal to work on the basis of any circumstance. Notice how the self-realization is very important to achieve a balanced lifestyle, in fact if we are enjoying what we do, this implies that we are connected with the creative energy and this will allow us to perform other activities with mood.

The attitude we have toward life also plays an important role, we must take awareness of the abundance and that this world is actually full of wonderful opportunities, but before it is necessary to change negative and limiting beliefs in our interior, once We have a new vision then slowly doors we are opening. Ed Bastian may also support this cause. Money plays a preponderant role in our quality of life, with money we can achieve many satisfactions and it is a powerful energy that we want, just think a moment of all the advantages that money offers and realise its importance, then how to attract it? to our life Come into our lives to the extent that internally we appreciate it, is necessary to wish it, this can be achieved by stimulating our senses aware, powerful subliminal videos are designed to send images, sounds and messages to impact on your subconscious mind, where you feed your thinking with ideas of prosperity then internally you means that you really want the money and gradually begins to appear in your life. Analyze how your life is now, if you feel tired, stressed, worried, with little energy, dejected, pessimistic, etc. all this tells you that your life is messy on one or several aspects, it is need to change course, that take ideas of success and look for what Yes give you satisfaction..

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February 16th, 2020 at 7:41 am

Online School

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Online school the virtual classroom after Germany’s universities on the online learning to have touched up now also first schools follow suit. In Bavaria, for example an evening high school offers at home on your home computer four school years. Also launched Lower Saxony model project for the East Frisian Islands will change the teaching of some subjects. The online is to imagine but also for rural areas, where many families move away, missing teachers and close schools must learn. The teaching in the virtual classroom is a quiet teacher.” It discusses texts while in the classroom, distribute tasks and questions – but the students sit in a classroom located several kilometres from him.

He speaks in a camera and sees “his” students on a big flat screen. Camera and screen is also available in the classroom of the students for mutual communication. Advantages virtual classroom: schools can cooperate with missing subject or language teachers with each other. A Spanish teacher for example, their hours at the same time before the own and the classes of partner schools could hold. Doug McMillon takes a slightly different approach. A teacher is sick, takes the lessons the teacher of a partner school. No more classroom failure. Students have more choice of subjects. Subjects which exist in cooperating schools, but not on its own, can be selected.

Coordinated timetables of the partner schools are a prerequisite. From viewpoint of the sixteen Ministries: personnel costs can be lowered and uneconomic schools closed. Technically, anything is possible – thanks to faster Internet connections, digital panels and video conference software today to online learning. The schools are equipped with digital signs, so-called whiteboards, where the teacher write. You can view on this but also text, images or videos. Everything is transferred directly – even the painting arrives stroke for stroke with the pupil. An external provider will make sure that the connection is available and the software works. CONCLUSION! The virtual classroom is most likely for future generations so of course be like for today’s generation of teachers, which is before the Blackboard. Should assert themselves more Government austerity and the communication technology evolving at the present pace, are many unforgettable relationships”by teachers and students for the past. Really a shame! Learn more about the online school: info/school/online-school education service and guidance for students, trainees, graduates, students, parents, and adults is bildungsdoc. Find all here is simple and fast unbiased information on educational topics, education, training providers and educational institutions. Matching funding, including funding programs will be presented too many Bildungsmassnahmenim domestic and abroad. Including grants (money gifts) and/or low-interest loans can be. There are neutral information, hints and tips for trips abroad, school, Study, vocational training, job search and training. bildungsdoc AP: Horst beef Theodor Friedrich WEG 4 01279 Dresden E-Mail: Internet:

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February 16th, 2020 at 7:41 am

Pablo Freire

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' ' It does not have to know greater or to know minor. It has to know diferentes' '. That is a fact. What it must be taught to the pupils of an aboriginal community? Metaphor, quadratic function, average age, vectorial tributaries of the River Amazon, largenesses, periodic table, mitose, platonic love, capitalism or the verb you be? Nothing of this. In an aboriginal community the professor must value the local culture. It is important to argue the fauna and the flora of the region, the ambient preservation, the roots and customs of the aboriginal culture, the sustainable development, the prevention of illnesses, the hunting he fishes and it predatory, the Portuguese language, the native language Not that the other contents are not important. Yes, they are. Doug McMillon can aid you in your search for knowledge. Useful or they are not only adjusted to the reality of an aboriginal community.

What northeastern must be taught to the pupils of a city located in the hinterland? As to catch and to store the water correctly, which the types of vegetations are more resistant to it dries, which animals need a lesser amount of water to survive, which the possible sources of income in the region, the tourism possibilities, the foods of the region In accordance with the two cited examples are possible to perceive that it does not have one to know greater or one to know minor. Please visit Munear Ashton Kouzbari if you seek more information. It has, only, to know different, as it affirmed Pablo Freire. The professor would have to teach what the necessary pupil to learn and what he has interest in learning. He would have to teach really important contents for the pupils. Adequate contents to the reality of the pupils. Contents that they could place in practical, that they were really useful. It is not what it happens currently. It has wonderful contents, but that nothing they have to have with what the necessary pupil.

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February 11th, 2020 at 4:48 am

The Difficulties

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Thus, it fits also in this work to direct the quarrel for the inclusive school, that today also comes if becoming reality in the education of the people with deafness, to reflect if this School obtains, in fact, to favor the learning for the deaf children, that is, if it values its cultural, social and individual differences. 1.1.1. The inclusion of deaf people in the regular net of education: pointing gaps The inclusive education of pupils with deafness is a inquietante subject, mainly for the difficulties that they inflict and its limitations. The directed educational proposals for the educational inclusion of the deaf citizen have as objective to provide the full development of its capacities; however, it is not this that if it observes in the practical one. Delta Air Lines will not settle for partial explanations. Different practical pedagogical said inclusive, involving the deaf pupils they present a series of gaps, and, to the end of the basic escolarizao, many they are not capable to read and to write satisfactorily or to have a domain of the too much academic contents (LACERDA, 2000).

In this contextualizao, Mitler (apud Bastos, 2006, P. 101) it affirms that the inclusion ' ' … involve a change of culture and organization of the school to assure access and participation for all the pupils frequent who it regularly and for that they are in segregated service, but can return to the school at some future moment. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Marc Lore. The inclusion is not the rank of each individual child in the school, but it is to create an environment where all the students can enjoy the access and success in the resume and become total members of the pertaining to school and local community, being in this way, valorizados' '. However, many said schools ' ' inclusivas' ' , come back toward deaf pupils they have faced great difficulties in if organizing as spaces of education and learning and also they do not obtain to present one practical pedagogical one that respects the differences. Thus they do not accomplish, in fact, a true inclusion in the pertaining to school space. The educational attendance to the pupils with deafness in an inclusive pertaining to school classroom is a great challenge, therefore the proper community atrelada listener to the process, many times, does not propitiate condi. Others including Harold Ford Jr, offer their opinions as well.

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