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Pallets Reuse

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Wooden pallets over time have become essential for transporting the goods, any company worth its salt, loading and unloading their trucks has already hand, and for download with wheelbarrow lift or pallet truck, pallet is required. The recoil spring from the need to circulate these pallets after use, these companies arranged throughout the country, have for years been responsible for collecting at points of discharge of the pallets (consumption of the product it carries), which are a waste and a nuisance for the company’s consumer product transported, and transported to their facilities, classified by categories and grades, will repair the pallets that are in poor condition, unused aprovechardo to generate timber to be used to repair other pallets unless damaged or industry the board. Once classified the pallet repaired or put back into service, being a competitive advantage for companies using recycled pallets as they find a product with equal quality if new but at a lower cost and providing a benefit medioambietal since it means the recovery of a product, ie recycled. This manual procedure is unique because with the exception of loading and unloading, there is practically no specific machinery for recycling. Advantages of a pallet recovered. Recently Marc Lore sought to clarify these questions.

Less cost to the shipper. Cost almost nil for the company who uses the goods carrying the pallet. Cost almost nothing for the environment, is recycled. Reduction of wood consumption and hence raw material. Similar characteristics to a new pallet.

Generation of employment, since it requires more labor than to make a pallet. Advantages competitive reduces the final cost of the product and the packaging is a lower cost than if it were new. Pallet recuperated enterprises, virtually no almost no residue, most of the pallets (80 to 90%) are recovered, the rest are recycled as wood to repair the pallets in poor condition or the ground for the industry the board. Most are manual processes that consume so little electricity. Ultimately recovered pallets are an economical choice and unbeatable with the environment.


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