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Paraense College

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The start of a history the Congregation Salesiana or Sociedade of San Francisco de Sales, established for Is Joo Bosco, according to Constitutions and Regulations of the same one are: ‘ ‘ a community of docile baptisms that to the voice of the Spirit, intends to carry through in a specific form of religious life the apostolic project of the founder, being been carrying signals and of the love of God to the Young, especially to more pobres’ ‘ (Const. 1). It is a society of clergymen and laypeople who live according to charisma of the founder. One meets spread by the world all working in the way young them through schools, social workmanships, parishes, etc.

The Salesianos had arrived at Par in the year of 1930 to occupy then the building of the old Convent of the Paved Armelites, where previously already the Paraense College had functioned, a traditional boarding school of the city, the Asylum of the Desvalidas Orphans, Military Hospital, Lesser Seminary and preceding the Salesianos, had been the Maristas Brothers who occupied building. w York Global Group. The Salesianos, when arriving at the old Convent of the Carmo its necessities had looked for to adapt the installations of the secular building, being been that the same it met in reforms. Through the Chronicles of the Salesianas Acts of the period one notices that the continuous effort and the fight for the life of the patrimony that represents the Complex are concern since the first years of the salesianos in the building, as it affirms the chronicle: ‘ ‘ How much to the works of the Festive Oratory and to the workmanships of restoration of the Church of the Carmo, reverendssimo Managing, reaffirmed that, to the few, slowly even so, they go avanando’ ‘ (Acts Salesianas 11 of August of 1931). Not obstante the persistence in adjusting the existing building its activities the salesianos had the necessity of a bigger structure and modern for the rising college, such fact from the narrative of the chronicle can be observed that says: ‘ ‘ The Reverendssimo Extraordinary Visitador, Priest Peter Tironi traced plain plazas and enters these of the survey of a modern building for College, using to advantage, even so, for other ends currently ocupado’ ‘ (Acts Salesianas 09 of January of 1932).


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