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July 17th, 2020 at 10:41 am

Pazzini Signature

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A target of Pazzini, striker of Inter who replaced Cassano in the second Act, sufficed to Italy (Group C) for blending (1-0) to Slovenia and seal its classification to the next Euro. It was a shot in the last minute of a match which had no owner, only shaken by Rossi, and that seemed doomed to a draw. Didn’t happen because Pazzini rebelled. He took advantage of an error from the fullback Brecko, who failed to clear the ball in the goal box. Does he won Italy, which adds two matches without much football? in the previous day also won by the minimum to Faroe Islands because their goalposts spat two ball times?, but enough to be in Poland and Ukraine. Celebrates it the selection of Prandelli, who has just signed a draw in the qualifiers, against Northern Ireland. Source of the news:: Pazzini signature of the Italian national team success

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